Which is the Best Dress Form? Our Two Favorites Reviewed

2018-10-02 0 By Johnni Gregory


The honest truth is that most people do not fall under the “normal” size category from which most forms of clothing are modeled. I often wonder why the word “normal” or “average size” is used at all.

If you make clothes and are among the most out-of-the-ordinary people in the world, then this Fabulous Fit patented adjustment system is a must for your professional clothing! When I placed my order, I got the padding system and the extra body wrap because I had to add a few inches to thread the waist and hips of my wedding dress. That was the best decision I’ve ever made because I’m creating masterpieces that fit my body perfectly when I’m sewing.

The Fabulous Fit dress shaping system makes all dress styles easily adjustable and ready for sewing. It comes with interchangeable lifelike molded pads and 2 stretch (princess) lines that allow women of all shapes and sizes to duplicate any area of ​​the bust, waist, hips and thighs on a dress form. Now you can make any type of clothing and suit every body type. You can mimic all sorts of dimensions and shapes by simply swapping the foam pads in every area of ​​your body. This dress-form system is a practical solution for the production of patterns and sewing clothes. Simply select your dress form system to achieve the desired size. The Fabulous Fit Dress Form System facilitates sewing and pattern making.

Why is Fabulous Fit different?

While dress forms may be similar, it is worth noting that all dress styles are not the same. Fabulous Fit® is known for the attitude, shape and quality of its clothing. We design and manufacture our dress forms based on real body measurements. In addition, each dress contains a patented fitting system that allows you to copy any body shape on any clothing style or brand.

  • Free fitting system and flexible arms with every dress shape
  • Adjustable dress form – thanks to interchangeable, life-like curves that allow you to adapt your dress shape to a real body!
  • Transform a normal dress shape into your unique silhouette with the Fabulous Fit Fitting System.
  • Get great clothes without paying so much and waste a lot of time buying an individual dress. You can use your current dress form to alter any area of ​​the waist, bust, buttocks, hips and thighs with the included covers and pads. Steam on it and plug it in – looks like a real body.

What is included in this adjustable dress form?

Each size of the Fabulous Fit Fitting System includes:

  • 2 body covers (90% cotton, 10% spandex)
  • A cover to hold the pads in place
  • A cover with princess seams to spread out the dress form
  • 17 soft, interchangeable, lifelike contoured pads
  • Shoulders can be made oblique, round or asymmetrical with the position of the upholstery.
  • Bus lines can be played too high, low or full
  • Raise or lower the waist by positioning the belly pad higher or lower
  • Pinnable pads are used to duplicate each area of ​​your body as they are positioned under one of the covers
  • 2 upper hip pads
  • 2 rear hip pads
  • 2 shoulder pads
  • 2 bust size
  • 2 thigh pads
  • 2 side back cushions
  • 1 belly pillow
  • 4 filling pillows
  • Contains instructions with colored photos
  • Note: dress styles sold separately

What fabulous fit dress shape size should you buy?

Check your measurements. Choose one of the sizes you would like your dress shape to double when using the Fabulous Fit Fitting System.

Small (FFFSS)

  • Dress form sizes 2-6
  • Bust 30 “to 34”
  • Waist 22 “to 25”
  • Hips 32 “to 34”

Medium (FFFSM)

  • Dress size 8-12
  • form

  • Bust 35 “to 37”
  • Waist 26 “to 32”
  • Hips 35 “to 39”

Large (FFFSL)

  • Clothes size 14-18
  • Bust 38 “to 43”
  • Waist 33 “to 39”
  • Hips 40 “to 43”

X-Large (FFFSXL)

  • Dress size 20 and above
  • Bust 44 “to 55”
  • Waist 40 “to 48”
  • Hips 44 “to 56”

The system is ideal for all body shapes, including straight wide shoulders, round shoulders, dowager’s hump, straight broad shoulders, small back, wide back, high chest line, high chest, large chest line, low chest / high waist, big belly, high top Hip area, full upper hips, thighs and big hips. It is difficult to find a body type that this system does not work on.

Dritz Sew You Dress Form

The right dress form can bring your sewing projects from amateur to professional. And if you’re a fan of your own patterns, you know how important it is to have a dress form in your studio.

There are dozens of shapes on the market, but many of them come with a high price tag.

The Dritz Sew You dress form is both affordable and fully adjustable – making it the next best thing to buy a tailored dress form.

Sew Dress Form Features

  • Medium size
  • 2 auto dials at waist and bust; 9 dials at the waist, chest and hips
  • Adjustable neck with included pincushion
  • Mark for pin-hem
  • Adjustable height
  • Foam-reinforced nylon cover for marking and fixing

Is the Dritz Sew You Dress Form a good buy?

There is a lot to love about the shape of Dritz Sew You. Customizability is the biggest benefit when buying this form, but there are other features that you will appreciate.

The Dritz shape can be adapted to your dimensions, and if these dimensions change in the future (they likely will) you can change the size with the rotation of a dial.

The shape includes two auto dials for the waist and chest and nine dials at the waist, chest and hips. All of these wheels work together to fine-tune the size of the dress form.

The Sew You form has the following dimensions:

This is a medium sized shape and the measurement ranges are about what you would expect with this size.

Adjustability – in my opinion – is the main advantage of Sew You dress form.

Seamstresses also appreciate the adjustable height and neck. The neck also has a built-in pincushion for comfort.

If you drape a lot, you know how important it is to have a pinnable dress form. The Dress You form has a foam-covered nylon shell that allows for easy insertion and marking.

The only complaint I have is the opaline green of this shape. I prefer a white or nude color because colorful shapes can make working with colorful fabrics difficult without distracting.

The color of the form is the only real complaint I have.

If you are looking for a dress that does not cost you an arm and a leg, the Dritz Dress You Form is a good choice.

Conclusion – Which is the best?

Dress forms have moved far away from what they used to be. Since I was a teenager, I have designed and sewn my own clothes and have always hated the adjustment process. Trying to make clothes that suit you is really frustrating! I’m an average person, and not a perfect proportional size (not like perfect sizes exist), so I always had to adjust the patterns to fit my size.

In the past, I have tried some helpful forms of dress, even the flexible dress forms have not understood my true figure correctly. I do not really have a waist to boast and I have fullness in my stomach. I like the Dritz, but the Fabulous Fit Dress-Form system allows me to place the pads exactly where I need more fullness, and I get the exact curve of my own body. It’s amazing how much easier it is to match me now if I have the dress form. I love to make my own clothes so much more. The Fabulous Fit system has shown me that clothes can be so much more, I definitely enjoy my job a lot more now.

With this dress-form system, a reliable sewing machine (such as the Singer Stylist 7258 found here) and the Serger, you can make garments that are envied by all your friends.