What is the Best Heavy Duty Sewing Machine in 2018?

2018-10-16 0 By Johnni Gregory


Do you need something that can handle thick or multiple layers of fabric? Then you are exactly right with us.

The best high-performance sewing machines are designed for projects that require more layers of fabric or thicker, heavier materials – like jeans or upholstery. This type of project can not or can not be done on a normal sewing machine. When you need to stop or tip over your machine, it’s time to find something more robust.

If you are looking for something that can stitch through denim, leather or upholstery, then it really is a model that stays in place when working with thick and heavy fabrics.

One of the most important features when looking for a machine is its weight.

You want to make sure the selected model weighs at least 14 pounds. Ideally, if you want to be really satisfied with your choice, you want something heavier than 20 pounds. This of course means that they are not so portable, but they will be able to cope with your projects without tipping, stalling, or jumping around on the table (my cat hates that).

The next thing to consider is ease of use, features and durability of the machine. Features are important for many people who want to try new projects. However, if you own a business, you may well know what features you need to include your machine and what extras are.

If you plan to use your machine on many projects that include leather, upholstery or many layers of fabric, then you should buy a machine that is near or over 20 pounds. The heavier it is, the more stable and stable it is on your work table and the easier it will be to work with it. This is also important if you are planning machine quilting.

Heavy Duty Sewing Machines I recommend 2018

1. Janome HD3000 Heavy Duty Sewing Machine

Perfect combination of value and power

Mass: 24.4 pounds

The Janome HD3000 weighs and performs better than the Janome HD1000 (see below). For an additional $ 50, you get the ultimate product for your most ambitious projects. Some of the features included are:

  • 18 built-in stitches
  • 1 automatic 1-step buttonhole
  • Auto needle threader
  • backward stitching lever
  • Fußdruckeinstellung
  • Hard storage case
  • Solid metal body

If you do not need a computer machine or hundreds of stitches, this is a good choice even for a beginner. You can perform any project, including upholstery or leather, no matter how thick the fabric layers are. I used that to sew 7 layers of upholstery fabric and it flew through like 1 layer. The durability and quality of the performance of this product is superb.

If you buy the HD3000, it could be the last one you ever have to buy. It is a perfect all-round home sewing machine that does all the work without any mistakes and does not break the bank.

2. Singer Heavy Duty 4423 Extra-High Sewing Speed ​​Machine

Inexpensive everyday machine

Mass: 17.5 pounds

A less expensive option (about $ 150) you can buy this grand Singer Heavy Duty sewing machine. Like other Singer models, the Singer 4423 has been one of the bestselling models on Amazon for years. Because it is inexpensive, does the job every day and has the perfect equipment for the seamstress at home.

  • an inner massive metal frame
  • 1,100 stitches per minute sewing speed
  • 1 automatic 4-step buttonhole
  • 23 built-in stitches
  • Easy-load drop-in spool system
  • Easy-to-use automatic needle threader
  • Plus a lot of accessories

One thing I liked about this product was the design and the use of it is very clear and straightforward. The stitch selection is really good and it does a really good job with all the basic stitches. I’ve seen decorative machines work better, but the Singer 4423 still did a decent job with them. This is not really a big deal, as most people do not use decorative stitches anyway.

When testing with multiple layers of cotton, it cut off really well for the price. The layers and needle worked well and the results were good. However, if you switch to heavier fabrics like denim, this product will not work so well. It was more difficult to spin through the fabric, and it was not strong enough for my taste to do the job properly.

If you want to be used in your home for everyday sewing projects and not work with many thick, weighty fabrics, then the Singer 4423 is the perfect choice. Singer sewing machines are really good for the hobbyist who will not wear out for many hours. However, if you plan to use it for a small business or more demanding projects, then you should seriously consider using one of the Janome Heavy Duty models reviewed on this page.

The Singer 4411 – Great for leather

The Singer 4411 is another Singer model that has about the same price and works the same as the one above. One of its characteristic features is that it is great for sewing leather. I had an easy time repairing my husband’s leather work shoes with this product. It looks a bit different and has fewer integrated stitches (11). If you chose between the 4423 and 4411, I would choose the 4423 because it has more functions.

3. Janome HD1000 – ideal for upholstery

Best value / performance choice

Mass: 22.5 pounds

With a weight of over 20 pounds, the Janome HD1000 is designed to easily handle large sewing projects. If you will use it a lot, but do not want to break the bank, then this machine is an excellent choice. It contains:

  • 14 built-in stitches
  • 1 automatic 1-step buttonhole
  • Free arm for sewing collar, pants, etc.
  • Auto needle threader
  • Durable aluminum body
  • and more!

This thing will handle everything you throw at it. I tried leather, layers of denim, you name it, it can do it. It is a real workhorse and the results are excellent. For under $ 300, this is an outstanding purchase in this category. I was very impressed with the sewing speed, stitch quality and even the quiet way the work was done. This product is built to hold with a rare aluminum frame that has this classic sewing machine.

4. Brother ST371HD strong and strong sewing machine

Impressive new kid on the block

mass: 18.4 pounds

Brother offers the sewing machine ST371HD, which is the strong and robust model of the company. Designed to work through thick, heavy materials, this sewing machine has a really lightweight design, making it the first choice in portability.

Versatile and durable, the ST371HD offers:

  • 37 built-in stitches
  • 6 presser feet
  • Heavy-duty needles
  • One-step buttonhole size
  • Built-in needle threading
  • Drop-in bobbin
  • LED workspace
  • Simple stitch picker

Tackle heavy-duty fabric with the ST371HD, from jeans to canvas and burlap. Suede and leather can also be quickly sewn thanks to the power and versatility of this sewing machine.

A free-arm design allows quick and easy sewing adjustments for sewing sleeves, hems and even cuffs. When it comes to threading your needle, you can be sure that the automatic needle threading system will thread you in record time.

The fail-safe coil is drop-in style, making it quick and easy to start and finish your next project.

There are six versatile presser feet and a non-stick foot that is ideal for thicker fabrics. Do not worry about the foot getting tangled and the fabric moving slowly through the hands during operation.

You are ready to start your next sewing project immediately after unpacking, thanks to the many included accessories, including:

  • 3-piece needle set
  • 4 coils
  • Additional spool pin
  • 2 bobbins
  • Instructional DVD

Brother has left nothing to chance with this sewing machine and even includes a instructional DVD on which users can quickly start their new sewing machine. Lightweight seams and strength are what sets this sewing machine apart from the competition. The users also boast the ease of sewing through suede and other thick materials.

Dust protection is also provided to protect the internal components of the device from dust, which can lead to faster failure and reduce the life of the sewing machine.

With automatically cut buttonholes, you can make everything from jeans to shirts and even jackets with the same reliable Brother ST371HD sewing machine. You do not even need to lubricate this machine as per the manual.

5. Toyota Super Jeans sewing machine

You can not have a list of heavy duty sewing machines and do not include the Toyota Super Jeans Sewing Machine.

Yes, this sewing machine is made by the same Toyota known for making reliable vehicles. The company has been manufacturing sewing machines since 1946, which are now available in the US.


  • Can sew up to 12 layers of denim
  • Automatic needle threader
  • Free-arm for sewing trousers, cuffs and legs
  • 17 built-in stitches
  • Contains various accessories

The Super Jeans sewing machine can sew up to 12 layers of jeans at the same time – and without missing a stitch.

This sewing machine is equipped with an automatic needle threader to facilitate threading. The machine’s front cover also serves as the repository for the Quick Guide Advisor. The guide serves as a reference guide to facilitate threading the spool or needle.

The machine is also equipped with a free arm for easy sewing of trouser legs, sleeves and cuffs.

Overall, the machine has 17 stitches. Selecting stitches is also easy. Just turn the dial to the desired stitch and you’re ready to go. There is a stitch selection aid on the front of the machine.

The Toyota Super Jeans Machine also comes with a lot of accessories, including:

  • Cloudy foot
  • Sliding foot
  • Zigzag foot
  • zipper
  • buttonhole foot
  • Blind hem foot
  • Quilt guide
  • 3 packs of needles
  • foot control
  • seam Ripper
  • Soft cover
  • Spool cap

The drop-in spool system makes changing the spool so easy that you can spill it over and over again. The transparent cover makes it easy to see if you no longer have bobbin thread.

The machine is equipped with practically everything you need for immediate sewing. It is light, even only 10.8 kg.

  • Can sew through thick denim layers
  • Lightweight at only 10 pounds
  • Comes with several accessories
  • Has 17 stitches
  • Reliable and durable
  • Extension table only available on some models

There really are not many complaints with this machine. It’s durable, it’s reliable and it’s so easy to use. It can easily sew the thickest layers of denim. But there is only a small complaint we had. We found some retailers who sold this machine with a nice extension table, and others did not include this accessory. Although this is not a deal breaker, this is something to keep in mind.

Overall, the Toyota Super Jeans sewing machine is hard to beat in the heavy duty department and will serve you with proper care for many years to come.

6. Sailrite Heavy Load Ultrafeed LSZ-1

For heavy sewing

mass: 49 pounds

The LSZ-1 Basic by Sailrite is a walking-foot sewing machine that is equipped with high-end features and can easily sew heavy materials such as canvas and denim. The model was tested to sew 10 layers of canvas and 8 layers of Dacron.

The power behind the LSZ-1 lies in the Power Plus Balance Wheel, which offers twice as much power as a conventional flywheel model.

Using this channel gives you access to world-class features, including:

  • Posi-pin coupling system
  • 100% power transmission from the balance
  • Extra wide presser foot
  • 3/8 “foot lifter
  • Variable stitch length
  • Straight stitch length up to 6 mm
  • Zigzag stitch length up to 5 mm
  • Wooden foot included
  • Built-in handles for easy transport

Sailrite offers one of the toughest and most durable machines on the market, with the ability to sew the thickest material on the market. This model is strong enough to work with layered denim quickly, and it gives you a wood base that makes it heavier, but also more stable in use.

The model has a variable stitch length and a 3/8 “foot lift, with power transfer from the balance producing 100% power – most models lose power during the transfer.

There are integrated handles on the top of the machine to facilitate transport, but this unit weighs almost 50 pounds and is therefore not as easy to carry as the Janome HD3000 or other items on our list.

While not for everyone, this is one of the best sewing machines in the world in terms of performance, so it’s a smart buy if you tend to sew through canvas, denim, canvas, upholstery, vinyl or even soft leather.

An EZ Set Stitch Length Plate also reinforces your stitching with even, even stitches throughout your project. The spring loaded stitch length lever also helps you make quick turns for accurate and precise stitching when you need it most.

Although it is more expensive than other models on our list, it is the first choice for anyone who regularly engages in multi-layer projects or thick fabrics.

Final verdict – Which one is right for you?

Here are a few things to consider before choosing one of these on this list. The following is to help you narrow down your choices:

  1. If you’re a beginner, looking for a cheap heavy product, and not planning too much layering, look no further than the Brother ST371HD or Singer 4423. They have excellent reviews, are inexpensive, and do the job well on all types of fabrics.
  2. If you need it for more demanding projects and need to use it frequently or do upholstery work, then the Janome HD1000 can better meet your needs.
  3. However, if you plan to work with very dense and dense material, you should definitely opt for the Saarrite or Janome HD3000 model. Even if you’re not sure if you’re going to work on such projects, the HD3000 is not much more expensive than the HD1000. If you do not have to save the extra few bucks, then this is really an easy choice to make.

All of these models we reviewed on this page were all personally tested by us. The things that we have taken into account for the review are; Price, ease of use, features, specifications, durability and comfort when using the model. So, after we’ve said all that, these models are our favorites out of the bunch (which was A LOT). If you want to do heavy work then these are your favorite models. They are reliable and do your job perfectly, regardless of your needs.

66 thoughts on “What’s the best Heavy Duty Sewing Machine in 2018?”

I voluntarily sewed the “dress a girl around the world” and in just over two years bought over 750 dresses. I beat my 17-year-old Husqvarna to death and need a heavy machine. I see Costco has the Janome, but not the two models you checked. Is the Model 4030P a new one? With Costco, I can return it if it does not work. ‘Thanks for your help. I sew at least two hours a day and have problems with broken needles and tension at the bottom of the stitches. It is currently in business for its 2nd repair in 6 months. Help, I need a new high performance machine.

Hello Arlene,
I did not use the 4030P myself, but I asked around and everything I heard about it sounds really good. The reviews I read are also good. I hope it helps.
Thanks for the visit!

I also look at the Janome 4030p at Costco against the Janome HD3000. Did you continue and buy? What are your thoughts? I have a diaper shop at home and probably sew 4-6 hours a day. Thanks for your contribution!

Hello, I am so glad that I have found someone who knows his stuff, because I am now trying to find my third machine for heavy loads. I bought the Singer 4423, but found it almost too light to keep it in a rubber mat myself.
Then I bought a nice Singer 301 Long Tail Slant head; had been waiting and could not wait to try it. With a brand new needle (or three) he can not sew two thin layers of leather together without having to walk. I had heard this style, you never have to help make it easier to sew. But even with 1 ounce of slightly stiff leather (similar to a billboard) it can not preform, which is sad because the weight of the unit is great. I can not ask my husband for another machine as I have only bought the other two for 6 months.
Any suggestions on what I can do? I’m just trying to make simple and lightweight handbags for people like me who have spinal problems and need lightweight bags without giving up style.
Thank you in advance and bless you and your family on these coming holidays,
Shanon in Edmond Oklahoma.

Hello Shannon, unfortunately I do not know much about the Singer 301 sewing machine. Without going too much into it, I assume that the machine just does not have a powerful engine to go through leather. If you want to work with leather, you probably have to get something with a bit more power. You may want to talk to some sewing machine shops in your area to see what they recommend or see if they accept business.

The roller foot works. Also, I’ve learned to put a piece of fabric on top of the leather on the right side of the needle under the presser foot, should it not pull too much. Your engine is weak, that’s the main problem.

We buy a machine as our first for a new leather and vinyl repair business. We will buy the first one you suggested

I’m sewing a ton and I’ve found that using a dollar finger nail file (foamed) under the foot when sewing through thick layers is so helpful. Remember that your foot must be flat and not angled. I hope it helps. I fill the gap under my foot with the nail file while sewing.

Hi – I am looking for a sewing machine for my college-age daughter who is an art major, and many of her fiber projects are high performance. My question is … will the Janome HD3000 work well with everyday, easy sewing projects as well as with heavy loads? Thank you for your time and your expertise!

Hello Cassie,
Yes, the Janome HD3000 is a fantastic sewing machine that can do both everyday and heavy work. I am sure that she will love it.

Do you have information about the Singer Heavy Duty 4443, which was recently discontinued and sold on Tuesday morning? Is it a good machine? Is the Janome Heavy Duty 3000 a better machine than the Singer HD 4443?
Thank you

The singer 4443 is a nice machine and good for its price, but I prefer the Jane Heavy Duty 3000. If I would choose between the two and price was not a problem I would definitely go with the hd3000.

I sew animal beds / pads. I usually use 4-layer flannel of 4 ounces. Eyelash. Recommend a sewing machine that could handle it. It’s easy to sew through just a little bit thick.
Many Thanks,

If you do not want to spend too much, then singer 4423 should be fine. That’s not too much stuff to go through, so I see no problem if you went with this machine.

I try to patch two small areas (2 by 4 inches) on my couch’s forearms. Is there a portable sewing machine that I can buy? Thawing by hand has proved to be less than ideal. Many Thanks. Marie

I’m sorry, but I do not know of a wearable sewing machine that could do that kind of work. Maybe you should contact an upholsterer to see if he can point you in the right direction.

I appreciate the reviews because I am looking for a sturdy sewing machine. Do you know something about the Singer Confidence Quilter 7469q?

I like the Confidence Quilter. It is a nice machine. If you are looking for something that can quilting, you should take a look at my list of quilting machines I recommend. You can see the post in the list on the right. It lists cheap quilters to expensive but amazing quilting machines.

I bought the singer hard and it’s not good. Often jams without regularity to pinpoint the problem. It had been 1 year, it’s so frustrating that I’m shopping for another. It will not be a singer.

Hello Dianne, thanks for your input. I am definitely more for the Janome HD machines in this list. Janome just makes better sewing machines, but you have to pay a bit more for that. The extra money is worth it. Jessie

Hello, I can not decide which machine to buy and need help! I owned an industrial Juki machine that I loved and never gave me any voltage issues (that’s a big plus). I wondered if you knew something about Brother’s SE425 computer-controlled embroidery and sewing machine. I think I could become more creative. I’m between the Brother and the Janome HD1000 machine, I’d like to be able to sew through Denim without any problems, what would you suggest?

The Brother SE425 is definitely a good machine. But if you want to work with denim, then the Janome HD1000 will make it easier. Although the SE425 can handle denim, I have never tested it.

HI, I make tutus from up-cycled materials and need a machine that can handle shirred fabrics like denim and canvas. Do you recommend the Janome HD3000 for that? Is the foot high enough for the collected materials to be fed smoothly? I also use faux fur.
I will make dozens of tutus every year and would love a machine that can handle it!

The Janome hd3000 can definitely handle denim and canvas. I also used it with collected materials without problems. Although I can not remember the exact release it has and could not find it on their website. You may want to call Janome support first, just to make sure there is enough room for what you need.

I’m sewing commercially and mainly use industrial machines. But I also have several Janome HD3000 and use it extensively when I’m on the go. They are excellent portable machines without the headaches of computer chips and electronic boards. They all have aluminum frames and bodies and require hours of sewing. Two of my HD3000 are 4 years old and literally have 1000’s of horses on them. I’m just ready to order two new ones so I can retire the old ones. I have more than justified the investment in these machines.

That’s good to hear. Thank you for sharing!

Hello, which of the two Janome HD machines do you recommend for sewing bags, clutches and laptop sleeves? I will use imitation leather, linen, imitation leather, other upholstery and cotton fabrics.

I would go with the HD3000. It is not much more expensive and will work well for the job you are working on.

Hello! I was so excited to find this review on heavy duty machines. I’ve been sewing on my loyal singer Curvy for three years and she was a gem. I recently got into heavier materials and made more bags. Since then I have run her into the ground. I took them for repair and they quoted me more than the machine is worth. They offered $ 100 for a new machine and I got a Pfaff Essential 4.2. I’ve been there for a week and I’m totally unimpressed. It will not even sew through my wristbands, which my Curvy handled without any problems. The Janome HD3000 sounds great and costs even less than the Pfaff with better reviews! I take my Pfaff back today and think about the Janome …

Here’s my question … in the shop, the seller said that if I want the power, I have to get a mechanical machine (against electronic, I think?) With a front-loading coil. I’m willing to make adjustments if that gives me the strength I need, but I really miss the convenience of falling in the coil and the electronic needle stroke. Do you think that’s true, or are you just trying to make a sale?

Thank you for your time and help !!

Thank you for visiting my website. I really like the Janome HD3000 and it will definitely do what you describe above. The dealer must have meant mechanical (electrical) against computerized. I’ve seen some really good computer-controlled machines that were able to go through very thick tissue. You should feel comfortable getting the Janome. Let me know how it works ��

I would like to buy an entry-level machine to make minor repairs to sheets and towels and the like. My wife left me recently and left me with a 44-year-old Sears Model 1030 that is above my payroll (reel mystery). She rarely used it, so I’m inclined to throw it away. I intend to retire soon and would like to extend my limited income. Any suggestions ?

Hello Edward, the old Kenmore (Sears) 1030 is a neat sewing machine. If it worked, it should work well for you. Why do not you watch some YouTube videos first to see how it works and try it? If it works well, you do not have to spend extra money.

My Babylock does not sew a half-folded towel and 2 cotton fabrics with a seam that has the cloth between the cotton fabric and the liner. In addition. I turn back the cotton fabric, but I cut back the cut so that I can only sew through the interface once. I sew through 4 layers of cotton, 2 layers of interfacing and 2 towel thicknesses at the same time. My needle does not go through all layers. Is there a sewing machine with a longer needle?

I am looking for a stronger sewing machine. Ready for the next step. Sewing for 3 years and currently make about 28 dresses, pants and jerseys per month. I mainly use spandex, chiffon, satin, zippers, elastic, sequins and buttons. I have a brother cs6000i since May of this year, which is much better than the last one.
Now I understand that there must be a better option for sewing so much. I was tried in Sängerquantum 9960 or the Janome hd3000. Which do you recommend? Or is there another machine that you think is better?
Thanks for your help. Love your contribution.

They have limited themselves to two really good home sewing machines. I mainly lean towards the Singer Quantum 9960 due to the large number of functions. It sounds like you are sewing a lot and get a little creative. If that’s the case then you’ll love the Quantum stylist. If you have further questions, please let me know.

Hello! I’ve been looking for a good, sturdy, old-fashioned mechanical machine (the ability to sew leather is preferable) and try to make the best choice without being too fancy. I was leaning on the Janome HD3000 because I only heard good things about it; However, there are a number of terrible reviews for Amazon on Amazon. I was all set for that, but now I have cold feet. Have you seen these reports, what should I think of them, and if I buy my machine from a dealer, will I avoid these problems? I was hoping I could get it for the Amazon award, and I doubt a dealer would be willing to offer it. Am I just paranoid? Many Thanks!

Hello Bekah,
I understand your cold feet. The vast majority of reviews are at least 4 stars. Those who rated it worse were disappointed that it could not go through as many layers as they thought. People need to remember that this sewing machine is only about $ 350 and is aimed at the home user. In this price range, you will not find anything that flows through many layers. If that’s what you need, you’ll probably want to spend closer to $ 1000.
If you do not want to order online, please contact your local dealer. Maybe they will at least close the price listed online and save some worries. I order most of my orders online and have no problem if I had to give something back, although (admittedly) that was very unusual. If you have further questions or concerns, please let me know.

I like Janomes, they are good little machines, I have a few of them and never had any problems with them, and God knows how many newcomers they have learned. I had 2 Singer Heavy Duty machines and did not rate them. I wanted them for hemming jeans and because they have a faster sewing speed. You went back to the store 6 times in 2 years for faults, but that was generally not so good either. They jammed all the time, refusing to sew multiple layers on thicker fabrics, except when they were brand new or fresh from maintenance. I had to keep them waiting regularly for them to do what they should do. Granted, I ran a business and they were used most days, but not for hours and hours every day, just a few pants. I then got a Jones machine from the fifties and she sews like a dream, I use her exclusively for the last two or three years and she sews almost everything, she’s smooth, quiet and fun. But it’s an old lady and is getting a bit tired now, so I’m looking for a new machine. I do not find the modern sculptures as stains on the old metal parts. For the older ones, however, it can be difficult to get parts and they do not have the choice of stitches. It is a dilemma!

I start a small business sewing mascot costumes, which are mostly made of fur. I wondered which industrial machine would you recommend? Since I want to upgrade to an industrial machine
Thank you so much

I did not use many industrial sewing machines, but one I really used heavily was the Juki DDL-8700. It is a very high quality machine that is not too expensive.

I need a machine for making containers etc. and sew several layers of thick fabric. I will sew every day as I will sell them. Do you think the Janome are better than the Jukis?

Hello! Grandma – thank you for this informative contribution !! I’m looking for a padded machine with a lacing … not sure if that’s the right term? I would like to sew cushions with piping that are made of durable wool. Thanks for any advice. -Sandy

Hi Grandma I’m looking for a heavy table sewing machine … I liked the Jane HD 3000, but could not find any dealers in Northern Ireland who sold it, and did not even know this model … it was available on Amazon, well … and the website shipped from America was too expensive … so my question to you is, where could I buy this machine … I live in Northern Ireland … the singer hd4443 has also fought me and is in somewhere Northern Ireland would have this model in stock … thanks in advance … I really have to get one as soon as possible … so hope you can help me ……

Hello from the UK!
Your contribution is so helpful, thanks for this information. I need a machine that can sew thick layers of fabric several hours a day. I have been advised by some dealers and sellers on ebay that only an industrial machine will handle it. Do you think that the Janome models you mentioned can withstand hours of daily use?
Your advice would be greatly appreciated.
Many Thanks

These are more for use in a home. They can handle heavy materials, but are not meant to be used on a daily basis with thick fabrics for hours. I would definitely go with an industrial machine if that is your intended use.

Dear Grandma,
I want to finish my own needlepoint projects and upgrade some vintage needlepoint. My planned projects range from pillows to upholstery fabrics to needlepoint applications on linen and denim jackets. I also want to make slip covers for some furniture, as well as canvas or denim covers for classic manual typewriters (my husband is a collector of these gems). I have not had a sewing machine since the last century and I was so pleased to find this place as a starting point. I stand up to one of the Janome – which machine would fit in my opinion best to my plans?

Hello Cornelia,
If you have the room in your budget, I would go with the HD3000. It’s powerful and because you work with some heavier fabrics, it’s better than forbearance.

Thanks for the quick answer and the good advice!

Thank you for your thorough inspection of these sewing machines. I have never bought a new sewing machine, so I was lost in the abundant choices. This helped me find out what I needed. I decided to go with the Janome HD3000. Thanks to your help, I am confident in my choice.

Thank you Mona, you made the day for me. ��

I looked at the Janome HD 3000 and HD 5000, which you would recommend for making moccasins.

Unfortunately, I did not have a chance to try the Janome HD5000, so I do not have much to say. But I think if you make a lot of moccasins you might want to consider the Sailrite LSZ-1. It is very powerful and can handle a larger workload.

I never sewed anything in my life, but I decided to make some dolls and other items. I just do not know the limits. The things I want to do are leatherette, vinyl upholstery, faux fur, nylon tape and some kind of upholstery. I do not plan to sew more than 6 hours a week, but I think that some parts may be 3-4 layers of faux leather. Can the Janome HD 3000 handle this? I even consider making hand stitches because I have to stay under $ 500 and I’m afraid that no machine in this area will do what I need. I know that I need a foot or roller skate and the right needles. Thank you for your article and advice!

I enjoyed your site with the reviews and comments, so I decided to ask for your advice.
My 40 year old Viking just died. It was a wonderful workhorse and I loved it. I tended to push the machine and sewed both light delicate fabrics as well as very heavy thick fabrics and several thicknesses. It worked well in everything. I also liked the free arm, which was good for sewing sleeves, etc. Do you have suggestions for a replacement?

I’ve never been able to sew anything in my life, but I’ve recently been looking for a sewing machine that is not that expensive to repair some of my jeans. I bought a singer 3337 did not open it, but I read bad reviews about it and I’m more than likely to return it. My question here, what would a good sewing machine be for what I need?

Hello, I just started a little sewing business and I make a lot of dog collars (cotton wrapped fabric). No fancy stitches, but vice versa is a must. I will also make bags. I have a brother EX660 and I officially ran it into the ground (It was my starter machine and I know that it was never intended for this type of workload). It needs a melody, but I think I’ll go ahead and get something new. However, I also have my grandmother’s machine with a Sears Kenmore 1774. Before I justify my husband a new machine, I want to make sure my grandmother’s machine is not a hidden gem. Do you know something about the Sears Kenmore 1774? The last thing I want to do is kill my grandmother’s machine.

Hello Sara, I’m sorry, but I do not know much about the Sears Kenmore 1774. I think it was a pretty heavy machine so it would not hurt to give it a try. There are a few videos on YouTube that give you an idea of ​​what it can do. Here’s one of them: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-zeNPxrkDCI Good luck!

Many Thanks. I will try it and see how it works.

Hi, I’m trying to recommend good sewing machines for a women’s group in Uganda for their business. They sew cotton items and look for a machine that can do a lot. It has to be reliable! I’ve been thinking about the Singer 4423 or Janome 2212. When I read your post, I’m also asking about the Janome HD1000. The additional stitches of the 3000 are not important. Right now they are sewing old Singer Kicks !!

I will create a fundraiser for purchase. Therefore, I want low repairs, longevity and value for money is important.
Many Thanks!

Hello Gloria, I am sorry that I should not have answered earlier, I was on vacation and without much internet access. Your question is difficult. I think your best option is to talk to your local sewing machine shop and see which would be the most reliable. I assume they will not have much access to parts and or service centers. To ask someone who regularly operates machines would be able to give you a better answer, and hopefully one that works better than my opinion. What machine I like better, both Janome HD1000 and 2212 are good machines. I have not heard of too many problems with them.

I own a saddlery and have been using a Consequ 206RB-3 for 8 years. But the machine has been used for probably 30 years. It starts to sadden me. So I want to buy a new one. What is your opinion, should I replace it with another Consew, maybe a 206RB-5 or the sailrite table model, I think it’s called the Fasinator.

Hello Lori, I have not had a chance to use a Conform before or many industrial machines. I have a chance to try them, but that’s not commonplace. Based on what I’ve heard, both are great machines, so I really do not think you can be wrong. If you can talk to a sales representative before you buy, it can help you decide. Or see if you can find Youtube videos with reviews to see which ones may be more appropriate. Sorry, I could not be more help.

I see costumes, props, set pieces, etc. for our dance studio.
My current machines (40 years old, know from grandmother, 7 year old brother, and a retired, 50 year old singer) can not keep up, I mostly use the whites, I’ve tuned / fixed them, but find that within 6 – For 8 months I am again jumping over stitches, breaking needles, twisting threads and snapping threads
I do not necessarily need heavy work for thick leather, but more for stretchy fabrics, lots of elastic, sewing when stretching fabric, lots of custom fabrics with sequins, feathers and more. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

Hello from Australia!

I make stroller feed (about 2cm of poly cotton between 2 cotton fabrics) and my faithful Janome JR1012 has finally given up. It was such a great little workhorse! (although it was not really made for what I sewed).
I’m looking forward to the update and consider the Janome HD3000 and stumbled upon your very informative post. Many Thanks!
I’m sure this machine will do the job, but I often spend up to 4 hours a day on my machine. I also sew thicker fabrics on canvas and some cotton fabrics with plastic layers. Do you think the HD3000 would last? Or is there an industrial machine that you would recommend? We have only a limited selection here and I would even need to import the HD3000 from the US as we do not have a comparable model available. Would you please love some help!

Hope to hear from you!

Would a Janome HD3000 or HD5000 sewing machine be a suitable choice for making quilts?

Hi Deb, I’m sorry, but I have not had the chance to use the HD5000 and do not know much about it. The HD3000 is one I used and it’s fine to do quilts.

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