Understanding Different Types of BBQ Smokers


If you are looking for a high quality grill, you are probably ready to try smoking. Pulled pork, slow and low ribs, breast meat or chicken, there is nothing better than a tasty piece of meat that has been spiced and tenderized Quality BBQ smoker.

But what if you do not know much about these things? Today’s market offers many different types of these practical devices – you just have to Choose one that best suits your needs. We decided to break up the many Types of smokers and let’s start with the game.

Vertical water smoker


The vertical water smokers are among the most popular in the market – They are pretty cheap.

A smoker of this type can be disassembled into three different subjects. The first is the heat source (usually the charcoal), which is at the bottom. Above is the water pan, which provides a moist cooking environment and prevents the meat from drying out. And above this compartment is the smoke chamber.


One of the best things about vertical water smokers is that they are small and usually do not take up too much space. They do not require much fuel and are the perfect choice for those on a smaller budget due to their low price. They are too very easy to use – you just have to make a fire and fill the supplied water tub.

Kamado grills


The history of this BBQ smoker is very interesting. After the end of World War II, the US Army remained as a crew in Japan, and its members had to adapt to Japanese cooking habits and equipment. To make barbecue They had to convert the rice cookers in what is known today as the Kamado stove.

The best thing about these smokers is that they are capable of doing so reach very high temperatures, That makes them perfect for barbecues. They are also very durable and can look very attractive.


On the other hand, the Kamado grills are very expensive and do not offer the user much space for barbecues. Nevertheless, they are a worthwhile investment in our opinion.

pellet grills

computer controls

Most pellet grills can work both as grills and as a smoker, just like the Kamado. Because they burn wood pellets, they produce a lot of smoke and are a great choice for smoking. Thanks to the computer controls of most models, they are also very easy to use.

The downside is that they have many moving parts that can cause engine failure and congestion over time. That’s why it’s crucial for Choose a model with a good guarantee.

Horizontal offset smoker


These BBQ smokers usually come with you two separate compartments. They have long metal lattice boxes that serve as cooking areas, as well as the fire pits attached to these chambers, which have adjustable vents and side doors. The smoke and heat created in the fire box pass through the tiny hole in the chamber and pass through the chimney.

Unfortunately, the best way to find out if a particular offset smoker is actually useful is to start it, which is usually not possible before the final purchase. Many of the cheaper models need to be modified to function properly, which has led some people to completely dismiss these smokers. That’s a pity, because the offset smokers are actually among the best in the market!



As the name suggests, these are similar to the indoor units of the same name, although they are very similar They must be used outdoors. Most models have temperature sensors and computer controls, which makes them very convenient for restaurant owners.

A smokehouse has a box that is heavily insulated has an electric heating element at the bottom, above it is the funnel-shaped metal piece, whose task is to dissipate the direct radiant heat. The user places the meat on the supplied racks and then uses the computer controls to set the desired temperature.


The electric smoker are the perfect choice for people who love smoked meat but do not want to spend too much time on it – in this case That’s the task for the technology.

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