Top 10 Best Gas Grills Under $500

grillsIn addition to his car and his clock, the grill of a man is one of the most important items he owns.

Barbecues are great for entertaining. The barbecue area is often the meeting place for good conversation and a pride for the man who leads the tongs. And it does not hurt that women love a man who knows what he does on the grill.

Not only that, but they are extremely useful. I have a friend who cooked for his family for days on the grill after a violent storm triggered the current.

Barbecues are a great buy, so you want to get it right. But if you do not know anything about gas grills?

How do you choose the best barbecue for your money?

I’ve put together a detailed guide to help you choose the best gas barbeque below $ 500. Follow the instructions and you will have no problem selecting the best gas grill.

Considering the price level and the various grill functions (sometimes referred to as “grill frills”), buying a grill can be a bit overwhelming.

To help you with this process, I’ve included a list of BBQ cooking definitions, a barbecue grill guide, and a compilation of the top 10 gas grills for less than $ 500.

Although I highly recommend, first read my guide. If you already have extensive grilling knowledge, the table of contents below will help you quickly determine which grill we have rated as the best grill below 500 USD.


stainless steel

How to choose the right gas grill (3 important rules to follow)

There is no perfect barbecue for everyone. The perfect barbecue will depend on you:

  1. The particularities
  2. The cooking area
  3. How much room do you have?

To make sure you buy your best gas grill, follow the 3 rules below.

How to find the right gas grill:

1. Pay attention to the special features

Barbecues are like Swiss Army Knives. Some only meet basic needs, while others are equipped with a host of additional features.

Think about what you want to do with your barbecue when you look at the specifics.

Ask yourself this two-part question:

What do I want to cook and how would I cook it?

If you have the opportunity to cook different types of meat at the same time, you may want to have a grill with infinitely variable adjustment of the control valve.

If you want to cook and have a slow barbecue, you will need a grill with heat stand.

If you want to have a compact kitchen by your side while grilling, consider a model with side burners and side shelves.

If you only cook burgers and goats once a week, you will save a few euros and buy a simpler barbecue.

You have the idea. Choose a grill that suits your needs.

To help you with this, I have included the special features of each grilled on our list of the best barbecues below 500.

2. Pay attention to the cooking area

One of the most important features of a grill is the cooking area it offers. This measurement is always given in square inches and refers to the place you need to cook with.

But why is the cooking space so important?

You will learn how many burgers, hot dogs, ribbed plates, etc. you can cook at the same time. To illustrate how much food fits on a grill, you can mount 3 average sized burgers per 100 square inches.

You should also consider a cooking area when thinking about how many people you cook regularly.

If you know that you often cook for parties, it is a good idea to buy a grill with a lot of cooking space. If you know you only use your grill for cooking for you and your girlfriend, you may not need to buy a large grill.

Important note: Although some barbeque makers include the cooking range of the hot bars in their total amount, I have left this out of our ranking of the top 10 barbecues under $ 500. This is because the heat stacks are different from the grills because they are not used for cooking at full heat.

3. Think about how much space you have

This is an important rule that many men forget when buying a barbecue.

Barbecues are available in many different sizes.

Normally, the size correlates with the cooking surface provided by the grill. A grill with more than 700 cm of grill area and non-folding side tables like the Dyna Glo DGE needs more space than a grill without side tables and less cooking space like the Fuego element.

Compact grills like the Cuisinart CGG-200 are also easier to transport to parties. If you want to do this with your grill, you should buy one of the smaller barbecues listed below.

Gas Grill Buying Lingo (10 key words)

Like any serious hobby, Grilling has its own set of jargon. If you do not have basic knowledge of these terms, you can easily get confused by reading the descriptions of the various grills.

I have defined the 10 most common gas grill terms for you. These 10 terms are constantly displayed in the grill descriptions of the ranking. Read and understand them, so you know exactly what each grill offers and how each grill meets your needs.

Here are 10 terms to buy gas grills:

1. BTU

BTU stands for “British Thermal Unit”. The grill manufacturers use this measurement to evaluate the heating power and fuel consumption of their grill.

A BTU rating is similar to the horsepower of a car.

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Although BTUs play a role in how fast the grill heats up, they do not tell the whole story. For a grill with a high BTU count, the food is still cooked badly, unless it also contains good insulation and quality grills. Like a car’s performance, BTUs are not the only power factor.

All of our top 10 gas grills under $ 500 not only include good BTU ratios, but also a high quality construction. This helps to keep the heat in the grill after the BTUs have created it.

One important thing I want to consider: You may hear that it’s good to look for a grill with about 100 BTUs per square inch of cooking space. Nowadays grills are designed for efficiency, so it’s okay for a grill to contain just under 100 BTU per square.

2nd burner + side burner

Burners are the ingredients of your grill that generate heat and fire.

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Burners are important because they control how hot the grill gets and how long it takes to heat up. In most cases, a 3-burner grill gets hotter faster than a 2-burner grill.

The more burners your grill has, the more precisely you control the temperature of the different grill areas. This function is referred to as “stepless adjustability of the control valve”.

Thanks to the stepless adjustability of the control valve, you can create “heating zones” on your grill. Heat zones are different areas of high and low temperatures on the surface of your grill. They are useful for cooking different types of food at the same time.

You could put the burner on the right side up to burn steaks with direct heat, and slow roast chicken with indirect heat left.

Some grills also include an extra “side burner” located on one of the side tables outside the grill. These burners provide extra cooking space for reducing sauces or heating other food while you are having a barbecue.

3. Grill grates

Griddles are the actual surface on which your food cooks.

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In addition to the burners, grills are the most important feature of a grill. You should only buy a grill with cast iron or stainless steel grills. These two materials are the easiest to clean and corrosion resistant.

Each type has certain advantages:

Stainless steel

Stainless steel grates do not rust and are easier to clean than cast iron grates. Sounds good, but they do not hold heat or cast iron.

cast iron

Cast iron holds heat better than stainless steel but is harder to clean.

Pro-Tip: Look for cast iron grates coated with enamel. This gives you the heat storage capacity of the iron and the easy-to-clean stainless steel surface.


4. Natural gas against propane

Propane tanks are easier to set up than natural gas. All you have to do is buy a tank and attach it to your grill.

They are also the most popular fuel source for barbecues, so more manufacturers are offering grills that use propane.

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Both propane and natural gas have low CO2 emissions and a low carbon footprint, making them much more environmentally friendly than gasoline, kerosene or charcoal. Although natural gas burns something cleaner than propane, the setup is more difficult as you need to connect your grill to a gas line. If you do not already have one, you must install it before you can use your computer.


All models in the ranking of the best grills under $ 500 use propane. If you want to have a great gas grill under $ 500, I recommend it.

5. Liquid propane

Liquid propane (LP) is the most common form of propane used to power barbecues.

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All grills on our list use liquid propane. Mostly, LPs are sold in 20-pound tanks. You can find these tanks outside gas stations, hardware stores and grocery stores.

Make sure the grill you buy works with 20 lb LP tanks (or buy an adapter).

6. Warming rack

Warming racks allow you to lift food from the grills, creating more cooking space.

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By removing food from the direct heat source, heat stacks provide a surface on which you can finish the food without overcooking (such as fish and steak).

With the option of a warming rack, you can also roast or smoke the meat for longer, while cooking other things directly on the grill.

7. Side floors

These are the shelves on both sides of the grill. Some models have shelves that fold down while others are fixed.

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With the side shelves you can do most of the cutting, seasoning and marinating directly on the grill. Some side shelves even accommodate an additional side burner.

Pro-Tip: If you have limited space to store your grill, look for a BBQ with fold-down side shelves like the Dyna Glo Black and Stainless Premium or the Char-Broil TRU Infrared Gas Grill.

8. Control valves

Control valves are the buttons that you turn to adjust the heat of your grill. For each burner there is usually a control valve.

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It’s best to have a grill with stainless steel control valves instead of plastic. These last longer and resist rust.

Also look for grills with stepless adjustment of the control valve.

9. Hood

The hood is basically the lid for the grill. Sometimes it is referred to as a “hob”.

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Surprisingly, a grill hood can play an equally important role in how fast and how well cooking is done, such as the burners, grates, and the BTU rating.

The hood provides insulation that supports the heat distribution evenly. Many grills have tight-fitting or double-walled hoods that prevent heat from leaving the cooking surface.

All grills on our list are well insulated. Most have hoods made of stainless steel or cast aluminum.

Professional tip: Always pay attention to stainless steel or aluminum components. These are much better against rust than normal steel or other metals.

10. Ignition switch

The ignition switch is the button that lights your burner and starts your grill.

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All grills on our list include an electric ignition switch. An electric switch is best because it does not have to light the grill manually with a match.

High-quality battery-operated ignition switches are best suited because they are not easy to break (on our grills # 3 and # 1).

The 10 best gas grills under $ 500

Now that you know the three rules to follow when buying a gas grill, you can start shopping.

Do not forget to consider features, cooking area and size.

Another professional tip: Take a look at the grills in different colors. Certain colors are sometimes cheaper than others of the same model.

Here are the 10 best gas grills under $ 500:

10. Char-Broil Classic

square inches

480 square inches (14.5 burgers)


4 (+1 side burner)

Although this is the most cost-effective Char-Broil on the list, there is no loss in build quality or features.

For starters, the Char-Broil Classic is made almost entirely of stainless steel, which is impressive at this price. A friend of mine had the same model for 5 years and just had to replace the starter ignition (which is common on most grills).

It’s also one of the biggest grills on our list that can cook up to 14 burgers at a time. The cooking area, which is blended with the infinite adjustability of the grille’s control valve, makes it a great grill to cook many different types of meat simultaneously.

This grill is also versatile for its price range. It has a side burner, a warming rack, side shelves and cast iron hobs with porcelain coating.

For $ 169 you get a really high quality grill from a respected brand.

  • side burner
  • Warming rack
  • Porcelain-coated cast iron cooking grid
  • Electronic ignition
  • Control valves made of stainless steel
  • stainless steel hood
  • Side shelves

9. Dyna Glo Black and Stainless Premium

stainless steel

350 square inches (10.5 burgers)



One of the best features of the Dyna Glo is a double-walled stainless steel lid.

Not only does the stainless steel withstand the rust and make your grill look good, but the double wall provides optimal insulation above the grill surface, which allows the BTUs to work and save fuel.

This Dyna Glo is also equipped with features that are normally only found on larger grills, such as: B. side shelves and a warming rack. The side shelves of the grill can be folded down to increase portability and reduce the storage space it needs when not in use.

This grill is also pretty compact. With only 350 square feet of cooking space, you can not feed the masses, but you can easily cook for a family or small gatherings.

After all, this grill is almost entirely made of stainless steel, so it can be used for years.

If you want a reliable brand grill with robust construction and essential features, the Dyna Glo Black and Stainless Premium is a good choice.

  • Porcelain-coated cast iron cooking grid
  • Burner made of stainless steel
  • Double-walled stainless steel lid
  • Warming rack
  • Electronic ignition
  • Foldable side shelves.

8. Cuisinart CGG-200 outdoor table grill

side burner

240 square inches (7 burgers)



The Cuisinart CGG-200 is one of the best gas grills under $ 500 for its design and portability.

The CGG-200 is so small and light that you can literally pick it up and take it off.

Even with a burner, the excellent stainless steel construction provides excellent insulation of the cooking surface. Although it only offers 12,000 BTUs, it gets hot enough to easily burn steaks and burgers.

Cuisinart did not give up the feature in her small portable design. The CGG-200 is equipped with high quality features such as foldable side shelves and porcelain cast iron grill grates.

The most unique thing about this grill is the modular cooking surface. Like the double sided grills on the Grillin ‘Pro above, you can remove the cooking grates on the Cuisinart. Instead of simply turning them over, you can replace them with different cooking surfaces. Just like the universal vegetable panel that comes with it.

The quintessence:

This grill offers exactly the same features as other superordinate grills. The only downside is the smaller grill area.

If you need something portable or little space, the Cuisinart CGG-200 is an excellent grill.

  • Porcelain-coated cast iron cooking grid
  • Start the ignition
  • Foldable side shelves
  • Modular surface
  • Removable vegetable plate
  • temperature display
  • Double-walled grill hood

7. Char-Broil-TRU infrared city gas grill

stainless steel

340 square inches (10.5 burgers)



The Char-Broil Urban Gas Grill is an excellent medium sized grill with a unique cooking system and several useful features.

This is a great grill for smaller terraces or apartments. It has a large cooking area with fold-down side tables, so you do not need much storage space. Although only a small amount of storage space is required, the system does not compromise due to missing features. You will continue to benefit from a heat rack and folding side shelves as well as a high-quality stainless steel construction

The most unique feature of the Char-Broil Urban model is the TRU infrared coking system. Unlike the other grills on our list that use convection cooking (where the flame heats the grates), the infra-red system uses an infrared element with flames, generating radiant heat that includes juices and aroma. The infrared system also helps reduce fuel consumption, keeps cooking temperatures the same on all grills, and eliminates the hot spots and flare that are common on traditional grills.

Most grills provide temperature gauges in the cooker hood, away from the cooking surface. This can lead to inaccurate temperature measurements and overcooked food. As an added bonus, the Char-Broil Urban includes surface temperature gauges that let you monitor the temperature of the burners where the food actually cooks.

If you want a medium sized grill with infrared cooking technology and many features, the Char-Broil Urban is an excellent choice.

  • TRU infrared cooking system
  • Warming rack made of porcelain
  • Cast iron grilles made of porcelain
  • Burner made of stainless steel
  • Fold away side shelves
  • Surface temperature measuring devices

6. Char Griller 3001 Grillin ‘Pro


438 square inches (13 burgers)


3 (+1 side burner)

At just $ 185.00, the Char-Griller 3001 Grillin ‘Pro is one of the cheapest and most versatile grills in the ranking.

Despite its price, this grill has the second highest BTU rating on our list. High BTU values ​​and good insulation allow it to heat up quickly (500 degrees in 5 minutes). While other grills on our list can heat faster, none can match the price of the Grillin ‘Pro.

The Grillin ‘Pro also has three solid accessories:

  1. Warming rack
  2. side burner
  3. Smoking facility

Another great feature of the Grillin ™ Pro is its porcelain coated cast iron grates, which are hard to find on a barbeque under $ 200. The Grillin Pro grates are also double-sided (with one side for frying and one for grilling). Just turn the grates over and you have a completely new cooking surface.

You could turn over half of the grates and fry a tuna steak on one side of the cooking surface, half while frying burgers on the other side.

The one mistake of this grill is that it is not made of stainless steel. This is not a problem if you get a cover, but usually a stainless steel grill is the way to go (because it’s rustproof). Unique features such as double-sided grates, a smoker and a high BTU rating make this grill number 6.

If you are new to barbecuing and want an affordable grill with features similar to the more expensive options, this is a great barbecue for you.

  • 40,800 BTU rating
  • Side shelves
  • Porcelain coated cast iron grates
  • side burner
  • Warming rack
  • Electronic ignition
  • Smoking facility

5. Fuego FELG21C element

stainless steel

346 square inches (10.5 burgers)



The Fuego FELG21C Element is a unique-looking grill with a unique cooking system.

Despite its size, the FELG21Cup can be heated up to 500 degrees in just 5 minutes, with up to 700 degrees when needed. The single burner saves fuel without affecting the cooking temperature. This means you can achieve up to 20 hours cooking time with just a 20 lb LP tank. In comparison, larger grills are passed through a tank in 10 to 18 hours.

With the unique “Dual Zone Burner” you have two cooking zones. The outdoor area provides a slow, constant heat to cook convection (ideal for frying and grilling), while the inner ring provides fast, intense heat for searing (ideal for steaks and burgers). The Fuego element achieves this by giving you the option to target each firing zone separately with the control valve.

This grill is also one of the most compact and mobile grills in the ranking. The round design and anti-tilt wheels make it easier to move and stow.

While this grill lacks features such as a heat rack and side racks, its fast pre-heat time, high-temperature design and compact size and portability make it one of the most efficient and powerful grills on our list.

If you want a powerful grill that you can easily carry, the Fuego Element is a great option.

  • Single 15-pound cast grate made of coated porcelain
  • Dual zone burners
  • Propane tank storage
  • Unique circular design
  • Kippsicherungsräder
  • Electronic ignition
  • Residue tray easy to clean

4. Dyna Glo DGE

square inches

708 square inches (21 burgers)


5 (+1 side burner)

The best thing about the Dyna Glo DGE is undoubtedly its size.

There are practically no limits to what you can cook with a total cooking space of 708 square meters and the stepless adjustment of the control valve. With 62,000 BTU, this is also the most powerful grill on our list. The high BTUs, mixed with the cooking area, may make this grill the best grill on our list to feed large groups.

In addition, the Dyna Glo DGE has stainless steel grill grates. You do not have to worry about rust or grime on these grilles, which is great after using all of the 708 inch cooking rooms.

This grill has a side burner with a rated power of 12,000 BTUs … better than any other on our list. With the many BTUs that are available to you, the side burner is not only suitable for heating sauces, but also serves as an effective additional cooking space.

You can use the side burner of the Dyna Glo DGE to cook with a frying pan, so you can grill and fry at the same time.

In addition to its performance and size, the Dyna Glo DGE is also durable. It’s made entirely of stainless steel, so you can store it outside in any climate in any season.

If you are looking for a large, versatile grill with a high-quality construction, the Dyna Glo DGE is a good choice.

  • Heat tents made of stainless steel
  • Warming rack made of stainless steel
  • Side shelves made of stainless steel
  • Stainless steel cooking grids
  • 12,000 BTU side burners
  • Thermometer with hood mounted
  • Stepless adjustability of the control valve.

3. Weber Q3200

side burner

393 square inches (12 burgers)



The Weber Q3200 is the perfect option for someone who wants the famous Weber brand but does not need a big grill.

The most unique feature of the Q3200 (a reason why it ranks # 3) is the design of the split cooker. You can remove the grills and replace them with a flat grill top so you can make bacon and even pancakes. You can also purchase additional accessories such as a grill pan and a vegetable basket.

Another unique feature of this grill is the grille light “Grill Out”. It illuminates the space around you and facilitates cooking at night. In addition to handle illumination, the Q3200 offers the same high-quality, porcelain-coated cast iron cooking grid, stainless steel burner, and warming rack, all for $ 100 less than other comparable Weber models

The Q3200 has stepless adjustability of the control valves, which sets the cooking temperature regardless of height or depth. This means you can cook meat anywhere on the grills at a set temperature.

As an added bonus, the Q3200 has plenty of storage space. There is a holder for the 20-pound LP tank, 3 tool hooks and a storage slot for the warming rack so you can store it when not in use.

The quintessence:

This is simply a great, compact grill with excellent build quality and features. If you want the Weber brand but do not need a big grill this is the way to go.

  • Porcelain coated cast iron cooking grates
  • Grill Out Handle Light (for low light conditions)
  • Stepless adjustability of the control valve
  • Divide cracks
  • Battery operated push button starter
  • Side shelves
  • Warming rack
  • 3 tool hooks

2nd Char-Broil Performance TRU Infrared 480

stainless steel

480 square inches (14.5 burgers)


3 (+1 side burner)

The Char-Broil Performance combines features, unique technology and cooking range to create an excellent all-rounder grill that puts it in second place.

For starters, it’s big. The 480-square-meter cooking space allows you to cook at the same time near 15 large burgers.

Another great aspect of this grill is the high quality construction. Almost all parts are made of stainless steel, including burners (a feature normally found on more expensive grills), so they will not rust and erode over time.

Like the other Char Broil ranks, the Char-Broil Performance features a special “TRU Infrared” cooking system. The radiant heat of the infrared technology allows the direct addition of wood shavings to the grills to spice up the grilling and smoking. However, this is not possible when using grills prepared with conventional convection cooking (they only catch fire instead of smoke). ,

The Char-Broil Performance also features stainless steel grill grates, which are different from all other barbecues in the ranking. They are not only stainless steel, but also coated with porcelain. Unlike enameled cast iron, these grates do not rust easily and are easy to clean. Their porcelain coating also allows them to warm up faster than monochrome stainless steel.


And finally, features are the name of the game. The Char-Broil Performance has the features you need to cook a variety of foods, including a porcelain-coated warming rack, a 10,000 BTU rated side burner, and side trays.

Such a big grill with a unique cooking system for only $ 369.00 is a bargain. If you want a unique grill that can cook for the masses, the Char-Broil Performance is a great option.

  • TRU infrared cooking system
  • Stainless steel construction throughout
  • Porcelain coated stainless steel cooking grates.
  • Warming rack with porcelain coating
  • 10,000 BTU side burners.
  • Warming rack
  • Side shelves

1. Weber Spirit E310


424 square inches (12 burgers)
480 square inches (14.5 burgers)



Just below $ 500, the Weber Spirit E310 is the best gas grill under $ 500.

Not only does it compete with more expensive “professional” grills in quality, it has several unique features that distinguish it from other grills in the ranking.

Two components that have won the Spirit E310, number one, are the Flavoring Bar and the Fat Management System, which make this grill something special. While you’re barbecuing, the Flavoring Bar catches and sips juices from your food to continue smoking and seasoning the meat. All juices that are missing from the Flavor Bar are routed to the fat management system to prevent grilling of the grill. When you’re done grilling, just empty the tray from the fat management system and you’ll be able to grill again.

This weaver is also perfect for the entertainment. The primary cooking space of 424 inches gives you plenty of room to cook several types of meat at the same time. When done, the grills are easy to clean due to the porcelain coating.

The grills keep the heat well because they are made of cast iron. As with cast-iron frying pans, these grates retain the seasoning the more you cook with them, resulting in more flavorful food.

Weber’s engineers developed the angles of the spirit e310’s double-walled hood to push the hot air back onto the cooking surface to cook the meat evenly, even when the meat is not heated directly. With three burners this grill also gets hot (up to 700 degrees in about 5 minutes), which many other grills in this price range can not.

The small details are also important. The Spirit E310 has a fuel gauge so that you never have propane during the cooking process. This grill also features the reliable battery-powered push-starter. Like everything else on the Spirit E310, it will last for years of continuous use.

Finally, this grill has a classic and modern stainless steel design, which increases its durability. It is common for such Weber grills to last 8 years or more and require few repairs.

The simple and simple truth:

If you are looking for the best barbecue under $ 500, Even the best barbecue under $ 1,000, The Weber Spirit 310 is the way to go.

  • Cast iron with cast porcelain warmer.
  • Battery operated push button starter
  • Stepless adjustability of the control valve
  • Easy to read fuel gauge
  • Warming rack
  • Geschmacksbar
  • Grease management system
  • Specially developed hob hood.
  • 6 tool hooks.


Buying a barbecue is an important decision … a decision you want to make right.

Without knowing the grill jingle and a guide to choosing the right barbeque, you can make the wrong choice. Follow this guide and you will have no problem selecting the perfect grill for your needs.

If you have questions, just drop them in the comment section below.

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