Top 10 Best Electric Smokers in 2019

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Smokers love the concept of monitoring the entire process for hours. Classic smokers have a certain appeal to them, but electrosurfacing offers a more convenient way to smoke all kinds of foods.

Since an electric smoker does not use charcoal, setting and forgetting is much safer. They are designed to work independently and unattended the moment they are set by the user. It does not need to be monitored, but to maximize the taste it is recommended to check the product from time to time.


It is true that electric smokers produce a different taste. Some prefer it over that produced by a gas or pellet smoker. The absence of combustion gases makes the taste a little different. For our list we have selected 10 different electric smokers, which offer an excellent aroma and without combustion produce no outstanding aroma. Here’s what we’ve selected for our list of top 10 best electric smokers.

Best electric smoker in 2019

10. Smoke Hollow D4015RS 40-inch digital electric smoker


Smoke Hollow makes several professional electric smokers. The D4015RS is larger than most of its models and has a capacity of 4.5 cubic feet, making it suitable for both commercial and private use. It is more expensive, but compensates with reliability.

The smoker is made as a 40-inch cabinet with 4 trays for eating. It has an integrated meat probe that will test the product. A useful feature is the double heating elements, which allow a more even cooking.

In terms of smoking, the Smoke Hollow has a cold, hot and fast smoke. The water connection on the side makes filling very easy, while the woodchip drawer has a decent capacity.

We recommend this because:

  • 3 options for smoking
  • Large chipboard
  • Integrated meat probe
  • Large digital display and simple controls

9. Landmann 32948 Smoky Mountain Electric Smoker


The electric smoker from Landmann 32948 makes it easy and cheap to smoke meat at home. It’s a small 26 inch case with a sturdy case and a very simple design. Due to the low price, it is difficult to beat the smoker in terms of value.

The smoker has 3 trays of food and on the ground mounted containers for wood chips and water. There are not many options for smoking, but it works pretty well and does not require much attention.

Construction quality is decent. It’s mostly made of iron, which means it’s a bit heavy, but it has side handles for easier transportation. The feet are adjustable so that they can stand well on flat surfaces. At the door, the smoker has a small temperature control and a large handle.

We recommend this because:

  • 3 large trays and individual pans for water and wood chips
  • Rear ventilation port
  • Adjustable feet for uneven surfaces
  • thermostat

8. Smoke Hollow 30162EW 30-inch electric smoker


Smoke Hollow 30162EW is a great choice for those who want to make smoked food at home. It’s a simple smoker with just enough controls and options. Everything about it is just done.

The smoker uses a 1500 watt heating element combined with a temperature controller. It has a large glass door that shows the progress of the smoking process. The wooden box is quite large and easily accessible.

In the construction, the smoker consists mainly of iron with a large glass door. It has two handles on the side, which make lifting and moving easier, and a temperature control directly on the door.

We recommend this because:

  • Large glass door
  • Durable iron construction
  • 3 hobs and a large woodpan
  • Adjustable temperature and built-in ventilation

7. Masterbuilt 20073716 Portable electric smoker


The portable electric smoker 20073716 is exactly what the name says. It is a compact smoker that is also available at a great price. Compact means it’s lighter and easier to move.

The smoker uses a 1400 watt heating element combined with a simple temperature controller. To better control the temperature, the smoker was fitted with a side-mounted air outlet. It also allows 3 temperature settings and comes with 2 chrome racks.

To make it sustainable, the smoker’s legs are foldable. It has side handles for easy transportation and a relatively small form factor for an electric smoker. It can hold a decent amount of wood chips and comes with an individualized water pan.

We recommend this because:

  • Portable with side-mounted handles and folding legs
  • Two chrome smoking racks
  • Easy to transport and move
  • Low, medium and high heat settings

6. Southern Country Smokers 2 in 1 Electric Water Smoker


Southern Country Smokers’ electric water smoker is by far the most popular product. It is a simple 2-in-1 smoker that can also be used as a grill. It offers 351 square centimeters of cooking space and 2 chrome smoking shelves.

To ensure optimum smoke conditions, the product is equipped with a built-in temperature indicator. It has two side-mounted ventilation openings and a floor pan for wood chips. There is no separate water bowl as with other electric smokers.

Although made of steel and iron, the smoker is reasonably light. It can be considered quite portable. The smoker himself uses a 1500 watt heating element. The woodpan has a reasonable size and the temperature control works very well.

We recommend this because:

  • Lightweight but sturdy steel and iron construction
  • Can be used as a grill and smoker
  • Removable interlocking base and elements
  • 1500 Watt heating element with temperature control

5. Smoke Hollow 30162E 30-inch electric smoker


Smoke Hollow 30162E is very similar to their EW, except that it has no glass door. The advantage derives from the fact that the iron door holds the heat better, which in turn means better heat control.

The model uses a 1500 watt heating element. It has 2 smoke grids and offers 3 temperature settings. The ventilation holes on the backside help to regulate the heat and provide good ventilation. The temperature measuring wheel was attached to the door to facilitate access.

For practical reasons, the smoker has two side handles. It has to be configured, but the process is simple and properly explained in the manual. The water pan is coated with porcelain to ensure a long life, while the chipboard is made of steel.

We recommend this because:

  • 1500 Watt heating element
  • 3 temperature settings
  • Magnetic door lock
  • Porcelain-coated water pan, wood chipboard made of steel

4. Masterbuilt 20077116 Digital Electric Smoker with 4 Racks


Masterbuilt 20077116 digital electric smoker is more of a professional device for ordinary home users. Even if it has a small heating element with 800 watts, it can maintain a constant temperature, which can reach up to 275 degrees Fahrenheit.

The device has temperature controls on the front, but also a small radio remote control, with all functions can be controlled. It can monitor the meat temperature, turn the light on or off, and track the time.

As far as smoking is concerned, the model has 3 chrome grates. It uses individual shells for wood chips and water and is virtually maintenance free. The door has a large glass window that allows the user to check the progress of the smoking process.

We recommend this because:

  • Can smoke up to 80 kg of food
  • Maintains temperatures up to 275 degrees F.
  • Big glass window
  • Contains a small radio remote control

3. Masterbuilt 20077615 Digital Electric Smoker


The MasterBuilt 20072115 Electric Smoker aims to make smoking at home both simple and efficient. It uses an 800 watt heating element that can maintain temperatures of up to 275 degrees Fahrenheit, and has a built-in meat probe that makes it easier to get perfectly smoked food each time.

The smoker has a small RF remote control that can be used to access all settings and functions, including interior lighting. The device has a small LCD display that shows the current temperature and running time.

According to the manufacturer, the model offers a cooking surface of up to 721 square inches over 4 chrome grates. The device is also supplied with a small smoker recipe CD and a smoker’s cover.

We recommend this because:

  • Radio remote control with which the smoker can be completely controlled
  • Large glass window at the door
  • 4 chrome grates for a total cooking surface of 721 square inches
  • Built-in meat probe
  • Small LCD screen for temperature and time display

2. Char-Broil Deluxe Electric Smoker


The Char-Broil Deluxe Electric Smoker is a first class product, but with a reasonable price. The unit has a large stainless steel door with a glass window and a LCD screen on the top frame. The use of the smoker is very straightforward as it was designed for normal domestic use.

The smoker has several heat settings that can be adjusted by the user at any time. Inside the device, manufacturers placed a removable thermometer and separated trays for water and wood chips.

Like most other smokers, the device can easily maintain a specific temperature thanks to its double-walled construction. Thanks to the steel door and the locking lock, the unit can be sealed tightly. With the LCD screen, you can easily check the current temperature and running time.

We recommend this because:

  • Secure the latch for a proper seal
  • Double-walled construction
  • Advanced control panel with LCD screen
  • 4 chromed varieties for a total of 725 square inches

1. Masterbuilt 20071117 30 “Digital Electric Smoker


Masterbuilt 20071117 is by far the most popular smoker selected for our list. It has a simple design with a completely black metal housing and easily accessible controls and an LCD screen. It’s not as big as some other models on our list, but it’s also quite cheap.

The smoker comes with 4 chromed smokers and an adjustable air damper. It is able to cook meat evenly without much supervision. The woodchips can be fed with the side loading system without opening the smoking door.

In terms of settings, the control panel can be used to set the temperature, time, or turn the smoker on and off. The body of the smoker is completely isolated and the legs are adjustable so that it can sit on uneven surfaces.

We recommend this because:

  • Fully insulated housing
  • Has several temperature settings
  • 4 chrome smoking racks
  • Integrated thermostat and side woodchip system

Things to keep in mind when looking for the best electric smokers

Everyone loves smoked meat. It has a taste that can not be averse. When it comes to home-smoked meat, the taste can be better controlled by experimenting with different types of spices and wood shavings.

In order to properly experiment, it is important to get a suitable and decent electric smoker. They all work the same way, but there are some differences that make them different. Some of them may prove crucial when it comes to obtaining evenly cooked meat and good taste.

  • Capacity of the woodchip shell. The capacity of the chipboard is almost never mentioned by any manufacturer, but it can play an important role. Since the tray is usually placed inside, refilling means that the meat is being manipulated because the door needs to be opened. Some smokers have a side feed system that allows woodchips to be added without opening the door.
  • Temperature control. It is important to have a smoker with multiple temperature settings. Not every meat is cooked the same and may need different temperatures. The aroma may also be different for the same type of meat if a different temperature is used.
  • Cook surface. By cooking surface we mean the number of grates the smoker has. Most smokers have 3 grates, which should be enough.


Although a smoker is not a compulsory device for many people, it is a must for enthusiasts. Those who like to heal and prepare their meat at home will love to embark on this craft. Getting started is not that expensive, but it takes some time to experiment with spices, meats and different types of wood.

For beginners, a smaller smoker is recommended. It’s better to experiment with small amounts of meat before upgrading to something bigger. But even for a large family, even a small smoker is big enough that any smoker on our list can be considered fit.

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