The Best Electric Smokers (2019 Reviews)

If you eat three meals a day, 365 days a year, you have more than a thousand ways to choose your food. When you reach adulthood, there is a fair chance that you will have enough of the baked chicken (for example). A less common way to prepare your food that you might want to engage in is smoking. It has the potential to take a little more time, and depending on the type of smoking, it can also be quite difficult. However, for many people, taste and end result will easily make up for it. And there are ways to minimize your active involvement. For example, you buy an electric smoker that controls the temperature (and smoke consistency) for you.

We’ve reviewed dozens of electric smokers to find the best of the best. In the search for the best electric smokers, we have carefully reviewed temperature control and technological progress to make the process even easier. We’ve also reviewed reviews to make sure the taste of every smoker on our list meets your needs.


For a smoker who can give you the full flavor without unwanted tasks, the Masterbuilt Front Controller Electric Smoker is just right for you.

We identified this early in our research Electric smoker with Masterbuilt front controller as the clear winner of our top pick spots. With over 730 square feet of cooking space and four removable racks to place your food on, you have plenty of room to do what you want for your family and business without taking up much space.

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The 5 best electric smokers

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Our top pick: Masterbuilt Front Controller Electric Smoker

The Electric smoker with Masterbuilt front controller If you plan to bring your smoker into the garage each time you cook, then this is a much appreciated fact. It has rear wheels and a handle to make it easier for you to take the party everywhere. With the digital LED display, you can fine tune your smoke while driving, leaving nothing to chance.

You can choose between 3 colors and 2 sizes, so that the smoker can not only prepare your meat exactly to your liking, but also what it looks like while you are doing it. Also included is a remote control that allows you to control temperature and time while you make all the preparations. (Or you sit on the couch and watch the game.)

With over 4,300 customer reviews giving this smoker an overall rating of 4.2 stars on Amazon, you can rest assured that this smoker will meet all your smoking needs.

Masterbuilt Front Controller Electric Smoker Key Features:

  • 4 chrome wire racks
  • 730 m² cooking surface
  • 3 color selection

Our runner-up: Camp Chef Woodwind SG Wood Pellet smoker and grill oven


This smoker and grill combination can handle all of your summer cookouts and steal the show for your neighbors!

The Camp Chef Woodwind SG wood pellet smoker and grill oven is the only place to prepare food in summer. You can use it for smoking or grilling with a heat output between 160 and 500 degrees and finish (or start) your meat. With the Sear box on the side you can get this wonderful, crispy, caramelized Sear with elevated temperature up to 900 degrees.

This grill / smoker combination is wheeled, so you do not have to be stressed if you take it out or put it back in the winter. (Or even bring it from the driveway into the backyard when the party is there!) Cleaning the ashes between cooks is as easy as pulling the ash-cleaning lever and putting away the ashes.

With an Amazon rating of 4.3, you have a pretty good chance of being as satisfied with this combo smoker as the other customers who bought it. So if you are in the market for a combined smoker, please take a close look at it.

Camp Chef Woodwind SG wood pellets, smoker and BBQ grill Key Features:

  • The automatic auger introduces wood chips into the smoker to maintain the smoke
  • Sear box on the side creates perfect lines
  • 811 m² cooking surface

Best Budget Pick: Easter smoker roast


This little smoker will become a regular for your immediate family without breaking the bank!

The Easter smoker is a small combo cooker that takes care that you smoke your food for your immediate family without any problem. Take advantage of this little smoker and watch your Thanksgiving turkey by smoking, slowly cooking or frying – your call! Mix and change the years for a change. However, you will not just use this little guy for the holidays because you can cook almost any meal in this combo cooker and get a juicy result every time.

It has a capacity of 16 quarts. This will allow you to produce enough food for your family and your business. It also has detachable pockets on the side where wood chips of your choice can be stored. Remember, however, that you want to throw this little guy outside for smoking. You should also avoid checking the meat regularly, as access to the top lid makes keeping the heat and smoking otherwise difficult.

If you want to invest in a smoker, but are not sure if you like it or if you only want it for occasional use, it makes no sense to spend hundreds of dollars. You can get this smoke cooker for under $ 70 and save so much money. Because of its compact size, it is also a good choice if you only want to use it for your immediate family. With an Amazon rating of 4.4 and over 350 customer reviews, you can be reasonably confident with the quality of this product.

Easter Smoker Roaster Oven Key Features:

  • 150-450 degrees F temperature range
  • Removable, enameled roaster and grate
  • A capacity of 16 quarts fits up to a 20-pound turkey

Best Little Electric Smoker: Smokin Tex 1100 Series Electric Smoker


The Smokin Tex 1100 Pro Series Smoker may be a small smoker, but the taste it gives you is low.

The Smokin Tex 1100 Series Electric Smoker uses a 110V standard plug, which is the image of electrical versatility. They load woodchips into the lower wood chips box and push them back along the water bowl before cooking. Removing each rack (and racks) is so easy that cleaning up will not be a worry.

This smoker has three wire mounts that you can customize at will. Add or remove food layer by layer to place in a full turkey or large pork shoulder. The front door is hinged for easy opening and closed with a latch that holds your heat and smoke safely in the hearth. If you are looking for a small smoker for your smaller projects, this is the little guy for you.

Key features of the Smokin Tex 1100 Series Smoker:

  • stainless steel construction
  • Fully insulated fire box
  • Unversal accepts all types of wood shavings.

Best digital electric smoker: Smoke Hollow. Digital electric smoker with window


For an unbelievable digital smoker who will take the issue out of your smoking experience, get the Smoke Hollow Digital Smoker with Window.

Smoke Hollow Digital Electric smoker with window allows you to watch while cooking, so you avoid opening the door each time and releasing heat and smoke. The door locks into place with a secure lock so you do not have to worry about accidental opening.

Digital reading even has a “Fast Smoke” setting that can speed things up if you are in a hurry – say, if you got up too late or forgot to rub the meat at bedtime. With the LED display you can control the power, the temperature and the time with a simple keystroke. This is the epitome of light smoking with many added features that make the taste even richer.

With an Amazon rating of 4.0 stars it is likely that this smoker will fit your needs. On arrival, very little assembly is required, you have to put your legs on the firebox and that’s almost all you have to do before you start. This is the perfect, easy-care smoker for you and your family.

Smoke Hollow Digital Electric Smoker with Window Main Features:

  • 4 chromed frames with different settings
  • 30 cubic feet maximum capacity
  • Tempered glass window

Who should buy an electric smoker

If you like to cook and enjoy meat that is tender and juicy, a smoker is a sensational way to enhance your cuisine. If you smoke your meat, vegetables or even cheese, you can add to your table a variety that your family and guests will appreciate. And if you enjoy a smoky flavor, there are many ways to fine tune this flavor. different woods or liquid smoke or example. Different kinds of wood chips soaked in different liquids can produce different flavors, and this is a kind of delicate control that you can really enjoy in this cooking process.

Whether or not you have experience in smoking food, an electric smoker is a great way to make things easier while still preserving the delicious smoky taste. You may have had the rich taste to know that you appreciate it, but using an electric smoker may be the perfect introduction. In all ways to optimize the taste, you can start with an electric smoker relatively easily and get used to these more complicated methods. For the most part, electric smokers are simply plug-and-go.

It is also worth considering that an electric smoker is generally smaller and cheaper than most barbecues. So if you have a tight budget, but want a way that is not the standard oven or stove, you will get this privilege. Likewise, this can be an excellent alternative if you only have a small terrace in an apartment and still want to have cooking options.


For a smoker who can give you the full flavor without unwanted tasks, the Masterbuilt Front Controller Electric Smoker is just right for you.

Important features to consider

An electric smoker should do a few things well. What you should consider when choosing an electric smoker:

  • Temperature control. If you want an equally warm dinner, you should try to keep the smoke (and therefore the heat and temperature) constant. Frequently, electric smokers are supplied with a rheostat that you set and control your heat source to maintain a constant temperature for your smoker. If your smoker is not equipped with one, you must make sure that you have purchased quality thermometers that will give you accurate and detailed readings for smoked items. At Amazon, you can buy a good wireless BBQ thermometer for around $ 60.
  • Layers. If you plan to prepare a lot of food at once, make sure that your smoker has several layers of racks. And you do not just need levels, you also have to learn how to use them. Maybe even before the purchase, so you can find a smoker who will accept your plans for it. Different racks cook at different speeds, so you may need to adjust your food according to the cooking speed. You may fill more of the racks, just to save space. Keep in mind, however, that the more smoker the less smoke for each item. But hey, that can also make you eat your vegetables!
  • Wood chips and charcoal. There are definitely ways to add charcoal to your smoker, and if you love the taste of charcoal grill, you may be tempted. In fact, the addition of charcoal will increase your temperature without becoming too smoky, as is the case with woodchips alone (especially if you have too much wood in the beginning). Charcoal also leads to a deeper and more consistent smoke ring on the meat; but that is more for the aesthetics than for the taste. Unfortunately, there is no big difference in taste when adding charcoal to the mix. So be sure to use the charcoal that is mixed with the wood shavings, but understand what comes out and what does not.
  • Bluetooth. The integration of Bluetooth into your smoker is a relatively new technology. Therefore, you should consider all aspects of the new technology when weighing if you should find a Bluetooth smoker. The connections may be delayed or you may have problems with the response time. But while I’m working, think about what that can do for your cooking times. If your food needs 12 hours to smoke and you consume people for an early dinner, you usually get up early enough to get it done. However, with a Bluetooth smoker, you can stay up late and prepare for it before you go to bed. Then set an alarm and turn it on without leaving the bed. If it rains for some of the 10 hours and you want to adjust the temperature, you do not have to go in the rain. Talk about comfortable!
  • Ventilation. This is the key to tender and juicy meat that neither burns nor burns. For proper ventilation, warnings should be installed in your smoker’s combustion chamber that emit both heat and smoke. A more thorough ventilation system can also provide clear air, so some smokers can be used indoors. (However, we need to repeat ourselves to make sure this is clear: use caution, smokers use a lot of smoke.)
  • Digital or analog. Anyone who has ever spoken to a car mechanic can probably tell you that the more electronics on a machine, the more parts and parts can break. But is not it nice to be able to enjoy your digital LED displays without the squint and uncertainty that an analogue thermometer sometimes offers? And a simple push of a button to control time and temperature? Oh, that’s undoubtedly handy if you spend your day smoking a meal.

frequently asked Questions

What is an electric smoker and how does he work?

The process of smoking your food is exactly as its name implies: you “cook” your food (mostly meat and cheese, but you can also use vegetables) by using the heat of smoke. They create a heat source that generates smoke and keep the smoke in a container along with your food. They keep the heat source at a constant temperature for several hours to raise the temperature of the meat until it is safe for consumption. This method cooks your food (albeit much slower) and makes the taste look significantly different from normal heat.

An electric smoker simply uses electricity to create the heat source for you, which greatly simplifies the setting. This means that you have much less work to do to get your meal right.

What are the different types of smokers?

There are so many ways to smoke your food, we could write an article for everyone. Instead, we just list the ways to smoke, the types of smoking, and explain a little bit about each one. Cold smoked (between 68 ° F and 86 ° F), hot smoking (77 ° F to 104 ° F), hot smoking (126 ° F to 176 ° F), liquid smoke (spray before cooking or with food mix)) and smoked meat (both smoking and roasting at the same time).

You can make some types of smokers and that is perhaps what you have seen most. An upright drum is essentially an inverted metal cylinder with racks above the heat source. The offset type smoker is often referred to as a grill smoker and is similar to a grill: a cylinder in its outlet shape. The vertical water smoker is also referred to as “Bullet” smoker due to its shape. The heat source is wood or charcoal. There are also propane and electric smokers who can also use wood pellets or chunks of wood (or even charcoal) as a source of heat, but are somewhat easier to maintain. A smoking box consumes 2 boxes; one to sustain the fire and the other to cook the food with the smoke removed from the firebox. Trench smokers are similar to the pit system, but use a trench instead of a fire box. Pellet smokers feed the pellets through a gravity-controlled funnel into the heat source to ensure a constant heat. And finally, commercial smokehouses are just big steel boxes (big enough to get in and out) with independent heat sources flowing into the building, with racks and racks of meat, cheese, and vegetables.

Is smoked meat bad for your health?

Well, the unfortunate fact is, we just do not know exactly. It is true that when burning wood, polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAH) are released and the smoke absorbs them into the food you smoke. It is also true that exposure to these chemicals in animal models has caused cancer. Rodents that have been exposed have developed leukemia and tumors of the lung and gastrointestinal tract. However, these studies have exposed the rodents incredible high doses; far more than what a person would consume in his diet. In fact, this would be a thousand times higher than with a normal diet.

And if you think you want to use an absolutely safe and clear alternative and retain that taste, you should know that the liquid smoke also has traces of PAHs. The answer to whether you should avoid it or not is probably the following: Everything in moderation.

Can I use an electric smoker in the house?

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