Singer One Plus Sewing Machine Review – #1 In Its Class

2018-10-08 0 By Johnni Gregory


User-friendly, stylish, and quiet operation are some of the adjectives that describe the Singer One Plus sewing machine by those who bought it. Customer reviews have found that this model, unlike other brand brands, can easily pass through thick materials.

As the most advanced model in the new Singer series, this model has features that open up more possibilities for the channel’s creativity. Its features are often compared to the Singer stylist 7258 (click here), but to put it simply, the performance and build quality of this machine is far superior. To give you a rough idea of ​​what it feels like to own a Singer One sewing machine, take a look at some of the features that have made this model a popular choice for both beginners and veterans.

Features of the Singer One Plus

The Stitch Selection dial LCD screen provides a simple and clear view of the stitch settings with the image and number of your favorite stitch, as well as the stitch length and width settings. With the footswitch you just have to press “Start” and the machine will start to sew. Slide the lever of the speed control and you get your desired speed.

The automatic double needle mode allows you to select the stitches you want to use with double needle efficiency. Program the needle of the Singer One so that it stops up in the highest position to easily remove the fabric from the machine. You can also program the needle to stop working when you quilt, apply and pan.

The 14.7-inch arm of this model offers you an extra-large workspace that is needed for sewing, quilting or other projects that require extra space to work. For selected stitches, this machine provides an extension that allows the stitches to be knit twice or three times as long. And with SwiftSmart, threading has never been so easy.

You simply thread your thread through a groove from the spool directly to the needle area, squeeze the lever and you’re done. In the meantime, the specialized upper wafer system has collapsed, eliminating the need to lift the bobbin thread before sewing. The feed dogs are also lowered with a lever when you need embroidery, button stitching and freehand embroidery.

Reduce the filament bundling with the presser foot sensor, which ensures that your sewing starts easily; A raised presser prevents the sewing machine from sewing. You can also edit and save your combinations of selection stitches to create your own personalized designs and set high-quality decorative and satin stitches for a maximum width of 7mm with automatic tensioning, regardless of the fabric type.

With a maximum speed of 750 SPM (stitches per minute) and an automatic reverse button for sewing backwards or reinforcing the stitching, you will get a faster result in a very short time. Tackle your stitches with three small basting stitches by pressing on the basting stitch button to reinforce both stitches and patterns to prevent tearing.

Use the one cycle stitch option as an option to select stitches to sew individual stitch units. Press this button while sewing a sequence, and the machine will stop at the end of the cycle. The Singer One sewing machine makes it easy to adjust a zigzag stitch, as the stitch is automatically tapered to the left and right for a clean finish when you run out or get into a sewing spot.


Zippers, quilting and cords for projects are made easy by this machine because the needles can be positioned 13 ways. Threading is precise and precise, eliminating the need for scissors. Say goodbye to lesser stitching with horizontal threading through this machine. When the yarn package is positioned horizontally, the yarn is fed more evenly.

You do not need a screwdriver with the snap-on sewing feet. In addition, the pressure of the presser foot against the seven-segment feeding system, which ensures that the tissue is picked up and worn both from the back of the presser foot and from the back to the back, is automatically adjusted to allow for even light stitching of lightweight jerseys sewing heavy denims Adjusting the pressure level.

The Singer One Plus is equipped with three “StayBright” LED lamps to illuminate your sewing surface brightly and clearly, with durable bulbs – with 100,000 hours of sewing capacity – that remain cool regardless of the operating time of your machine. And the DC motor starts immediately and stops without running for approximate stitch placement.

The free arm of this model is removable and provides easy access for sewing hems, collars, cuffs, and other areas that are difficult to reach. The heavy duty metal frame provides stiff support inside to hold and hold all perfectly aligned machines to ensure overall durability and sewing quality without skipping.

You will get value for money with this model because it comes with an accessory compartment, which is located in the removable compartment and where you can easily stow the following accessories:

  • Allzweckfuß
  • Auxiliary coil pin.
  • Power cord.
  • Buttonhole foot equipped with a bottom plate.
  • Zipper.
  • Coil pin felt.
  • Blind hem foot.
  • A pack of needles.
  • Needle plate screwdriver.
  • User manual with stitch guide.
  • Satin stitch foot.
  • Instructional DVD.
  • Quick Start Guide.
  • Seam ripper.
  • Spools of class 15J.
  • Threaded coil caps.
  • Lint brush.
  • Soft-sided dust protection.
  • Foot control.

A long warranty period is an assurance to the customer that the product will not fail or fail easily. Beginners will be especially pleased that they will have their Singer One sewing machines for a long time, as this model comes with a 25-year (limited) warranty that includes electronic components (five years) and adjustments (one year).

Our personal review of the Singer One Plus

  • Smooth sewing process.
  • Creating custom stitches is easy even for beginner channels.
  • Silent performance.
  • Automatic needle threading is convenient.
  • Very user friendly.
  • Large work space facilitates work on larger projects.
  • Sufficient lighting for efficient sewing.
  • Wide selection of retro stitch designs.
  • The instructional DVD supplied with the purchase is generic.
  • LCD panel has a low resolution.
  • The foot pedal must be unplugged to use the button to start or stop.

What customers say

From my experience and reading online reviews, most customers are more than satisfied with this sewing machine. Many users often mention that the One Plus is not only easy to set up, but also easy to use, and I can definitely agree with that. Some customers reported that they found the machine larger and heavier than expected. Which is not a bad thing; it’s actually what you want in a good sewing machine.

Although they are very long (more or less one hour) and generic, most people find the instruction DVD helpful. It contains numerous useful demonstrations and tutorials that give an overview of the possibilities of the machine. Some people have found confusion in the diagrams in the manual, but I had the same problem. Maybe we’ll look at different versions.


Based on my experience and other testimonials, there is a general consensus among users that this model is equally suitable for both beginners and advanced learners.

If you are looking for a sewing machine that is not only very easy to use, but also extremely easy to use, then this is a good choice for you:

In terms of price, the Singer One Plus sewing machine is good value for money due to the many features that go with it. Pricing a bit more than other machines in its class, consider it a long-term investment. After all, the 25-year warranty means Singer’s reputation for the longevity and quality of One Plus.

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I am new to sewing and am interested in the Singer one plus machine. Does it work with thick fabric, such as hemming a pair of jeans, especially stitching already existing seams? The machine that was made available to me is not through thick material. I was trying to trim part of my men’s work shorts, and I had to roll over the ends so the torn edges were not visible. (They were cut off) It was good until it came to the side seams of the pants, rolled with them, it was super thick and the machine could not handle it. Otherwise, I want to become good enough to make clothes for my grandson and husband (maybe even myself) and do other projects. If the singer is not the one you recommend for a beginner.