Singer 9960 Quantum Stylist Review – Outstanding Value and Performance!

2018-09-12 4 By Johnni Gregory


Whether you’re a beginner learning the basics or a professional seamstress who wants more sewing, the Singer 9960 Quantum Stylist is the sewing machine for you. This amazing machine is packed with features, but do not be discouraged if you are a beginner. This machine is very user friendly and practical for anyone who learns to sew.

Much to love – Singer 9960 Quantum Stylist Review

One of the things I like most about the 9960 is how fast you can start. With instructions printed on the machine itself, you can easily thread from the spool to the eye of the needle in just six seconds. If you sew a lot, you will love this feature, as it saves a great deal of time.

Once you’re set up, you’re ready to choose your stitch pattern. The choice can be difficult; There are a staggering 600 available, all housed in a table on the top lid of the machine.

Top Loading spools

Singer’s computer-controlled Singer sewing machine will not experience any problems with reel charging. Inserting the bobbin is not difficult as it is loaded directly from the top of the machine. You can even monitor your bobbin thread supply through the transparent cover.

13 built-in buttonholes

Sewing buttonholes is a one-step process with the Singer Quantum Stylist. They have 13 integrated styles for buttonholes, all perfectly dimensioned and fully automatic. With a buttonhole underplate, an exclusive Singer; So you always have buttonholes that are sewn in one direction without any distortion or stitch holes.

Digital Consultant LCD

The Digital Advisor Information System is a simple and easy-to-use LCD display that lets you customize stitch width settings, stitch lengths, and selections from the 600 built-in stitches.

There are even recommendations for choosing the presser foot, depending on which choices you make.

Other amazing features of the Singer 9960 Quantum Stylist

The Quantum Stylist 9960 computer-controlled sewing machine features a detachable free-arm that provides easy access to collars, waistbands, cuffs, and other areas that are usually hard to reach. You can create big projects like tinkering and quilting on the extension table, which gives you an extra large workspace with plenty of room to work.

The Singer Quantum Stylist has additional features such as the automatic thread trimmer, which automatically trims threads after a project is completed, the stitching mechanism, which controls the appearance of a stitch pattern, and the push of a button, the mirror image display and button extender.

The autopilot gives you full control over the speed. When you release the foot switch and press “Start”, you can shift the speed control level – from minimum to maximum – to get the desired stitching speed when sewing. Up to 1250 stitches per minute.


Access to the most popular stitches – single buttonhole, blindfold, straight and zigzag stitch – is easy with the direct stitch select button, among other things.

It is very easy to change the needle position. from top to bottom or from bottom to top, depending on what you choose. Everything at the touch of a button. Change the needle positions from one of 25 options for zipping, sewing, or zipper insertion.

For freehand monograms, buttonholes, and embroidery, you’ll have the box feed motion of the drop feed to ensure perfect feed throughout the feed process. Singer’s computerized sewing machine has a slow speed option that lets you sew at a slower speed when performing more complicated sewing jobs.

You will find that the two LED lights are an excellent light source that ensures that your workspace is well lit. Display stitch functions such as stitch length and width, the much-recommended presser foot and tension settings with the backlight and brightness control of the large LCD screen.

Press the automatic backward button if you want to reinforce your stitches by sewing backwards. And with the 9960’s automatic locking system, you can easily tie off decorative and decorative stitches with just the touch of a button, without having to worry about unraveling the stitches.

The Singer Quantum Stylist features an automatic winder with a needle bar that detaches as the bobbin is spooled, a safe process to ensure that no needle moves up, down or sideways. It automatically stops turning when the bobbin is filled, so there’s no need to ever overfill the bobbin again.

With the horizontal threading feed attractive decorative seams and satin stitches can be produced with a preset maximum width of 7mm without thread breakage or poor stitch formation. Use the extra spool pin if you want vertical threading.

If you sew incorrectly, the 9960 will warn you with an audible warning, but it can be disabled if you so desire. And if you think that’s great, a warning animation will appear and display on the LCD screen of your device, which could cause the likely error.

With the automatic tension adjustment you always have a consistent stitch quality, no matter what type of fabric you work with. The second of two heights in the presser foot lifter offers more freedom, which is normally required when working with several voluminous fabrics, such As a blanket, under the presser foot is required.

This model will stay with you and your family for a long time due to its sturdy construction. The sturdy metal frame keeps all the mechanisms of the machine in place. This ensures a continuous seams and overall durability.

The Singer 9960’s control system provides extra power to maintain the speed you need when working with thick fabrics or when conditions change. These properties are particularly appreciated when sewing six, seven or eight layers of the thickest fabrics such as corduroy or burlap.

Another thing that I like is how quickly and easily you can change the snap-on presser feet without using a screwdriver. Be as creative as you like, and let your imagination go wild with an abundance of presser foot types in the machine’s built-in free-arm:

  • Quilting foot
  • Cloudy foot
  • Buttonhole foot with underplate
  • zipper
  • Knopfnähfuß
  • Allzweckfuß
  • Foot with open toe
  • Support foot / embroidery foot
  • Blind hem foot
  • Also feed foot / walk
  • Straight stitch foot
  • Satin stitch foot
  • Rolled hem foot
  • Schnürfuß
  • Knopfnähfuß
  • Bonus presser feet
  • Single World Cording foot
  • Stich-in-digging foot
  • Presser foot shaft
  • Adjustable biasing binder foot
  • Lichen foot coming with a guide
  • Distance place foot
  • Nice foot

With a 25-year (limited) warranty, including one year for machine adjustments and five years for electronic components, what more could one expect from a sewing machine? The sewing machines of competitors will hardly meet these characteristics!


Conclusion – I love the Singer 9960 Quantum Stylist

There is a lot to love about the Singer Quantum Stylist. This machine is equipped with easy-to-use features and a beginner’s dream. If your research and purchasing decisions are based in part on customer reviews, buying this Singer sewing machine will not be difficult. For the price, the Singer Quantum 9960 is very hard to beat. This is a machine that will surely satisfy drainage systems of all levels.

7 thoughts on “Singer 9960 Quantum Stylist Review – Outstanding Value and Performance!”

I got this machine as a Christmas present, and the coil stuck after a day. Later I found postings that the coil is jamming, but Singer has fixed the problem. I have been in three sewing shops since the return of my machine. Every single shopkeeper told me this was a machine returned from the THOUSANDS. One repairman said that the inside of the factory is not properly tightened – and after people come in and he agrees, things are much better.

I am sorry that you have problems with your 9960. I called my sewing machine provider and they said the same thing. He mentioned that his new program is doing a lot better, so hopefully Singer solved the problem. Thank you for bringing this to my attention.

I was wondering if this is considered a quiet machine? I’ve read marketing descriptions that it’s, then looked at different videos and it sounds loud, but I do not know if that’s just a microphone issue. Would you also consider it as a workhorse / body or would it shake it hard at high speed? Thanks, ��

It is not very quiet, but I have definitely heard louder. I never had a problem with this machine at high speeds when I tested it and many people have bought this machine since I wrote this review and I have not heard any bad comments yet. However, I had some positive ones. I hope it helps.

For me it is quiet when I sewed with a Beother and another singer and my husband was annoyed on the phone, because the elders were so loud. Now I can see while I’m talking. I hope it helps

I would like to know when you wrote that and when the comments were made. I’m seriously considering this machine, I want to make sure I do not buy a lemon.

I originally wrote this in late 2014 but has since updated the review. I still love this machine a lot. It’s a good overall choice for its price and has loads of features and does it all really well.

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