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2018-10-29 0 By Johnni Gregory

Sewing machine Sew Cool is a very popular sewing machine for children. Many parents take this machine for their little ones to help them sewing in a safe, fun way. Many have asked me if it is a good place to start sewing a child. Before we come to my experiences with the Sew Cool machine, I would like to tell you a little bit about it.

What about the Sew Cool sewing machine?

Inside the package you will receive 8 sheets of fabric, 8 buttons, 1 bag of cotton wool, ribbons, 3 patterns, instructions and more. There is enough material to complete 9 projects, or you can be creative and do your own thing.

Easy Sewing projects for children

All 9 projects included in the So Cool Kit are super funny and creative. My granddaughter was absolutely thrilled with all the cute characters she wanted to create. She had a choice of cats, owls, ponies (just to name a few) and each of them is very sweet, so it was hard for her to choose her first. The projects are very simple. Basically, your child will fill each character with cotton and sew the edges to make a small stick. They are very cute and my granddaughter was so excited about her result!

If you run out of patterns or want to try something new, you can also download your own patterns or create them yourself at Sew Cool Sewing Studio. There were many nice patterns to choose from, which my granddaughter will keep busy for a long time.

And for really basic information about sewing, go here:

Sew Cool is a sewing machine that uses a special process to “sew” fabric without thread. It is amazingly easy to use. Just follow the sewing instructions and the seam alignment and you’re on the way. Your child simply presses a button and follows the dotted line on the fabric and the sewing machine connects the two fabrics together. Spools, foot pedals, needles or thread are not necessary. As announced, it is very easy and very safe to use.

Does the sewing machine work?

Now comes the most important part. Yes, my granddaughter LOVED the So Cool sewing machine, but that did not last as long as I had hoped. In the beginning the machine worked perfectly. After only a few operations, the needle broke. Needless to say, she was devastated. I would not be upset if there was a way to replace the needles, but unfortunately not. Based on other reviews I’ve seen on Amazon, this seems to be a common problem with this machine. I should also mention that she was not rough on the machine at all. We followed all instructions and worked as carefully as possible. It is a pity that it has this problem because it has a lot of potential, and it was so nice to see how excited she was after having her first projects with him. Hopefully, So Cool will be able to fix this problem with future models, but right now I can not recommend anyone buying this mowing machine.

My recommendation

This would be a very good machine for very young children, but right now I can not recommend them because of their durability. Now you may be wondering, “What should I get as the first sewing machine?” With guidance and supervision you can start a child on a normal or portable sewing machine. There are many very simple sewing projects that you can do with a child who can help them quickly gain confidence as they improve. I would recommend any machine that you use to have finger protection, and also that you are present to assist them as they learn. And to help them learn faster, I suggest you go to this page:

One of my favorite sewing machines for children is the Janome Fast Lane. It is small, portable, comes with a finger guard and is very easy to use. Please note, however, that this is a real sewing machine and small children should be supervised during use. They come in six different colors that look good. Be sure to click on each color, as they sometimes vary in price.

You may also want to visit one of my other sites, where I recommend some of my favorite sewing machines for children. This list of sewing machines should help you with your search and hopefully help you find the sewing machine you are looking for. You can find these reviews here. Good luck and happy sewing!

18 thoughts on “Sewing Cool Sewing Machine – Easy Sewing Projects for Kids”

My older sister asked what I wanted for Christmas and I asked for a sewing machine. I saw a movie, “Crime of Fashion” and the girl had a cute little sewing machine. I wanted it. And so I came across you with the help of Google. Many thanks. Now I have a better idea what to ask my sister!

Good to hear! I am glad that I could help you ��

My daughter kept telling me, “Mom, I want a sewing machine for Christmas.” And I was like “What ?! A sewing machine?” I went to the internet and found the sewing cool. Then I kept a secret for her. I could not figure it out. Anyway, thanks for the idea.

No problem. Glad I could help.


Santa brings this Sew Cool machine for my daughter for Christmas. Can you tell me if it works with normal felt waste or does it need the special Sew Cool Refill Kits? I think she’ll go through the projects that are usually included very quickly.

Sorry, I could not come back to you sooner, Jennifer. I was away from internet service over Christmas. I think you can use Flocked Felt, which seems to be the same thing they use. You can get it much cheaper than the Sew Cool Refills.

I wish I had seen this article before buying. We played with this toy for Christmas for 4-5 hours and in fact the middle 4 needles cut like twigs. I think if there was a way to change the needles, it would be worth buying, but because you can not, my daughter is very disappointed that her new toy is out of order.

That is too bad. I also feel that this machine would be a winner if it could fix the needle problem. I am sorry that your daughter has had bad experiences. Hopefully they will address this problem with newer models.

So glad that I found that! Santa brought my daughter a cool sewing machine for Christmas. Fortunately no problems, but I’m glad to know what could happen. She is 6 but already has great ideas for bigger projects and other stuff. I’m nervous about keeping them busy with my “big sewing machine,” but I do not want to suppress their desire to do more. Do you think with supervision can a 6-year-old learn on a real sewing machine?

Hello Alex, I’m glad your daughter loves her cool sewing machine. As long as she’s careful, she should use some of it. I’ve seen kids learning how to sew, but you definitely want to monitor every step. It depends a lot on the child. I would start slowly with very simple tasks and move on from there. If you feel they are ready, you can move forward. If not, you could try again when you are one year older.

Domu know from other sites or places that s3ll kits I tried etsy n ebay but found nothing but the only 3 theyve up

Sorry, I have not seen kits anywhere. Maybe you can do it yourself, but I did not investigate.

Who does not help? It is 5 minutes old. Many Thanks

If it does not work that fast, you should replace it with a new one.

I would like a sewing cool, but I am afraid that the needle will break within 3 days

The needle broke in less than 2 days at my daughters. I sat there with her while we were working on a project, so I know she was not rough. Now I find out that it is useless. Very disappointing.

I can not say what to do with? Is it thread or glue? What is it

I taught my granddaughter how to sew with a real sewing machine, and I looked at it and saw that there was no real thread. It was very confusing with what she was sewing, because when she sewed, did the fabric rip? If it has been threaded, how do you replace it with a refill kit? I just want to know what she is sewing?

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