How To Use A Masterbuilt Electric Smoker (Even If You’ve Never Smoked In Your Life)

Welcome to this Quick Start Guide How To Use An Electric Smoker From Masterbuilt. Masterbuilt’s smoker range is of very high quality and is the first choice for smokers and even for commercial smokers.


The ability to cook meat for a long time at low temperatures without charring or overcooking results in extremely flaky, juicy flesh that is just falling apart. Combine the meat’s smoking process with a really nice appetizer and some high-quality smoking accessories, and you’ll be amazed by the results you get.

If you’re looking for a great book on using an electric smoker with incredible recipes, this is worth considering.

Cooking with an electric smoker like the Masterbuilt has a lot of advantages over offset smokers on a wood / charcoal basis. Here are just a few reasons why an electric smoker is an excellent choice:

Advantages of electric smokers



Overview of the Masterbuilt Electric Smoker

This short promotional video from Masterbuilt shows you all the features of the 30-inch electric smoker.

They also have a 40-inch model and have analog, digital and even Bluetooth-equipped electric smokers. If you’re still wondering which model you’d like to buy, check Amazon’s current prices HERE, but I’m convinced that spending will pay off a bit later.

The basic usage and setup is similar for all models. Let’s go through step-by-step instructions on using the Masterbuilt smoker.

How To Use A Masterbuilt Electric Smoker – Step By Step

Enjoy this short video by first using the smoker before stepping in to the step-by-step guide

Step # 1 – Masterbuilt Smoker – Seasoning and First Use

When you get your new electric smoker, you need to “spice it up” for the first use. This process is different for an electric smoker versus a charcoal smoker. With the electrical we want to burn off dust, oil or other residues that could get stuck as a result of the manufacturing process. Eating machine oil is probably not the best, so take these easy steps first.

  1. Make sure that the water pan and wood box are present. NO WATER in the pan!
  2. Plug in your electric smoker and press the power button once to turn it on.
  3. Press the temperature button and set to 275 degrees Fahrenheit.
  4. Set the timer to 180 minutes (3 hours)
  5. During the last 45 minutes, add half a cup of wood chips to the chip loading tray to complete the preparation process.
  6. When the timer has expired, turn off the smoker and let it cool down.
  7. Your smoker is ready for first use.

If you have cleaned your racks by hand, that’s fine too, but the above process can do anything for you and save you time and effort.

Step # 2 – Preparation of your meat


Prepare your meat and season it according to the recipe you follow. I always like to marinate my meat for at least an hour, but often over night.

If you have a boost overnight, you should allow at least a few hours for the meat to soak up the marinade and take on the fantastic flavors.


Step 3 – Turn on the smoker – preheat

Preheat your electric smoker from cold for 45 minutes to maximum temperature to maximum temperature. Add woodchips to the cold smoker before switching on.

Add only half a cup of wood chips at a time. Do not add more until the previous batch has stopped producing smoke. I have just added an article about Brisket’s best wood for smoking, if you want to know more about the choice of wood chips.

Note: Adding foil to the racks may be a good idea to reduce the cleaning time, but prevents the heat from circulating properly.


Step 4 – Set the temperature to 225 degrees F.

225 degrees Fahrenheit is the perfect smoking temperature for most meat and fish dishes.

Step # 5 – Add more wood chips and water to the water pan

If you need to add more wood chips, now is a good time. Remember to add only 1/2 cup when the smoke has stopped.

Fill water into the water pan according to the instruction manual. This water will steam and keep your meat moist during the smoking process.

Step # 6 – Add your meat to the smoker

Once you have good smoke, it’s time to put meat in the smoker on the provided grill bowls.

Step # 7 – Tinker meat

The cooking times vary depending on the size and thickness of the meat and the temperature. Fry the meat with part of the remaining marinade 2/3 by the cook.

Example: A chicken that needs to be boiled for 3 hours should be tinkered around the 2-hour mark.

Step # 8 – Add more chips while smoking


To make sure you have a great smoking experience, you need to keep an eye on the wood chips levels. During the smoking process, you can pull the woodchip loader out of the smokehouse and add another 1/2 cup if necessary.

The temperature may increase slightly after adding wood, but will return to normal quickly. There is no need to adjust any controls.

Step # 9 – Apply a finished sauce


This step is not necessary, but many people really enjoy a nice sticky sauce on their ribs, brisket or chicken. If you apply a barbecue sauce about 45 minutes before the end of the cooking process, a nice glaze will be achieved, but your meat will be ready to eat immediately. KIND.

Step # 10 – Remove smoker meat and devour with force


This is the best thing besides cleaning. Remove the smoked meat from the electric smoker and enjoy it.

Step # 11 – Turn smoker off and let it cool down

You did it! Using an electric smoker is super easy once you have done it. While you enjoy your barbecue, turn off the smoker and let it cool down.

Step # 12 – Cleaning time. It has to be done!

Cleaning up is important, you do not have to do this in a week or two before you want to smoke next time.

After cooling down the smoker, cleaning up is quick and easy. Here are some instructions on how to do that.

How to clean your smoker

Use a mild detergent to remove dirt and food particles from the grate brackets, smoke grids, water bowls, and drip trays. Rinse and dry.

The woodchip drying process only requires shaking out and removing ash with a soft brush (I like to use a brush). Always make sure that wood chips or ashes are actually cold before disposing of them.

The inside of the smoker, the walls, the glass door and the meat probe can be wiped with a damp cloth. It is important that you wipe the inner door seals well. Otherwise, you may not get a proper seal in the future.

For a more detailed process, see my article on cleaning an electric smoker.

frequently asked Questions

Here are some of the most frequently asked questions about getting started with an electric smoker from Masterbuilt.

How do you break in with a masterbuilt smoker?

Read HERE to find out how to season your smoker for the first time.

How do you spice up a new smoker?

As above. Read HERE to find out how to season your smoker for the first time.

Do you impregnate wooden ships for an electric smoker?

The idea of ​​soaking your wood chips is a myth. That really is not necessary. If your woodchips burn off too quickly, light dampening with a light water spray can be helpful. If you soak them, you will not get the heat and subsequent smoke needed.

Many people still advocate soaking wood chips. Try it and see if you like it. Wet chips can produce more smoke, but burn much more slowly, and it can sometimes be painful to start them. A mix of wet and dry shavings can be a good compromise.

How often do you add wood chips to the Masterbuilt smoker?

Many people want to know how wood chips are used in an electric smoker. There is no exact answer, it really depends on the situation. Generally, if you only add half a cup of chips in accordance with the Masterbuilt User Guide, you should normally add them for at least one hour.

Check occasionally if smoke is still being produced. If not, check the chipboard and add more if necessary. Easy!

How often do you clean your smoker?

An electric smoker is by nature much easier to clean than a charcoal-based smoker. It should always be cleaned after every smoking session. I like to thoroughly clean and refill mine at the end of the smoking season.

See how you clean your smoker HERE

Electric smoker wood chips do not burn. Help!

This can be a problem if you overload your wood chipper and if you have really soaked your chips to saturation.

Start with a smaller amount of dry chips. Consider it inflamed to start the fire. Once you have looked inside and see that smoke is being generated, add more chips to the already burning pile.

Adding too much too fast can be the problem.

How long do you smoke a brisket in a smoker?

Brisket is best cooked for 70-90 minutes per pound at 225 ° F. Read my chest smoking article for more information.

What is the preheat time for an electric smoker with Masterbuilt?

45 minutes of full heat (275 degrees Fahrenheit) is the manufacturer’s recommended preheat sequence.

10 Electric Smoking Tips and Tricks with Masterbuilt

Here are 10 tips and tricks for your Masterbuilt electric smoker. These are fantastic if you are new to smoking. As always, leave a comment if you have questions or comments.

  1. Place your probe in ice water and check the accuracy. It should display about 32 ° F. Ensuring the accuracy of the probe from time to time will ensure that your food is heated to the correct temperature.
  2. Consider more than one probe to verify accuracy. There are many Bluetooth remote probes, such as those on Amazon, that are cheap to buy and really help to ensure perfect results.
  3. Foil on the heat deflector and drip tray make cleaning faster. Do not use foil on the grill bowls as this will hinder heat flow. However, mats are a useful supplement and prevent your sausages from falling through the grates.
  4. Do not smoke your chips! Water does not smoke, it is steam that gives the impression of extra smoke and is a pointless exercise. See the FAQ above for more.
  5. Do not smoke chicken and other poultry too much. It can taste very bad. The one-time addition of chips is often a good strategy for this type of meat. Smoking chicken with a higher setting at 275 ° F may work well.
  6. Store your electric smoker in the house and cover it with a large plastic bag. It keeps dust and moisture away and extends the life of your smoker.
  7. Clean the grills after each use. I like to soak them in some hot water with detergent and scrub them with a light scrubbing cloth. It does not take long and saves a lot of hard work in cleaning baked and cured meat and fat.
  8. Clean the class if the smoker is still a little warm but not hot. The condensation on the glass facilitates wiping with a damp cloth or towel.
  9. Use a cold smoker attachment for cold smoked cheese and fish.
  10. Always contact the company immediately if you have problems with your smoker. They have great customer service and will take care of you.

Well, that’s what they say. I really hope that with this article about Masterbuilt Electric Smoker you will get everything you need to get started. If the Masterbuilt is not for you, check out my latest article on how to build a smoker with a 55 gallon drum. He is fantastic for the homesteader who wants to hit the home improvement route.

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