How To Build A Homemade Pallet Smoker

If you want to know how to build a self-made pallet smoker, you’re in luck! Here is a detailed tutorial from our sister site, how you can start building a home-made pallet smoker and smoke in no time!

Build a self-made pallet smoker with a low budget

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What you need to know before building a DIY smoker

Yes, with a stack of old pallets, less than $ 100 and a bit of work, we’ve built this really cool smokehouse. 3 ‘x 3’ it’s big enough to smoke a whole animal or at least some big bowls of meat and some sausage pieces.

I love this project. It still amazes me what you can do with reused wood and how good it looks. We really wanted to make a big DIY smoker, but most of the plans we looked at showed you how to build a smokehouse that was too small and / or cost a lot of expensive material. We never found plans that really fit our needs. That’s why we finally made ourselves.

Our thoughts on home improvement plans were:

  • Size – It had to be big enough to stow many items at the same time and smoke large items
  • costs– It had to be as cheap as possible and still smoke the meat well
  • Skill level required – It had to be something that you could achieve with basic knowledge of woodworking


I do not know if you’ve ever smoked meat, but it’s a rewarding and time-consuming task. Since your meat is preserved for a long time and is therefore good, it makes the most sense to smoke a lot at once. After we realized how much wood we needed for a decent smoker, we decided to use pallets. For less than $ 100, we’ve been able to put together this great smokehouse that can hold a ton of meat. Several smoking racks and a place to hang sausages – you can even hang a whole deer in it if you want.

Here are the supplies you need to get started, and the tutorials and video tutorial for this cool project:

What you need for a smokehouse made of pallets

  • 20-30 pallets, deconstructed (do you need pallets? Read this post to find free pallets, and this post to find the safest pallets for your project).
  • 2 1/2 inch screws * You should choose a good outer screw, we have used plastic coated cover screws
  • 1 1/4 inch screws
  • Aluminum flashes
  • Corrugated iron roof (4’x3 ‘) * This must be made of uncoated metal
  • Heavy tin foil
  • Roll of aluminum screen
  • Handle (for the door)
  • Hinges (3)

Tools you need to build a smokehouse

  • Saber saw with a bimetallic blade (for disassembling pallets)
  • Drill gun, preferably a cordless
  • Drill 1/8 bit and countersunk head
  • tape measure
  • Metal / tin scissors
  • Utility knife
  • Skil saw or saw table
  • stapler
  • safety goggles
  • working gloves

How To Build A Smokehouse With Pallets Part 1 of 3 Photo by DIY Projects [Youtube]

Handyman: Accessories and tools you need for the project


homemadeHow To Build A Smokehouse With Pallets Part 1 of 3 Photo by DIY Projects [Youtube]

Deconstructed pallet pieces, cut to size, alu mesh and corrugated iron for the roof. (Use only raw metal, not galvanized.)

Check out our project video for building a home improvement for this home improvement company:

Instructions and instructions for homemade smokehouse

Step 1: Select your pallets and deconstruct them

Pallets come in many shapes and sizes. Everyone is a bit different and some are in better shape than others.

There are some challenges when using free, recycled materials. The wood you receive is not constant, often very dry, sometimes warped. It splits easily. It’s far from perfect, but it’s free. You need 20-30 pallets for this project. We recommend spending some time looking for those who do not have too many broken slats or too visibly warped wood. It’s okay if you can not do this or can not find perfect palettes (they do not exist). Your wood may be a bit warped, but that’s good. Her smokehouse will not be perfect, but she smokes meat. You want a few more pallets than you think to get the best materials. Pallets are usually available in a range of 42 “-48” and 3 “x 3”. If you use palettes in this size range, you can create this. The 2 × 4 units of most pallets are usually 4 ‘- 5’ long and have recesses for a forklift. The cutouts are fine. If you wish, you can assemble two boards, which we will explain in more detail in our DIY smoker video.

Where can I get pallets? In our article you will learn where to get free pallets and recycled wood

How do you know if your pallets are safe? This tells you if a pallet is safe

palletHow To Build A Smokehouse With Pallets Part 3 of 3 Photo by DIY Projects [Youtube]

A saber saw with a bimetallic blade makes disassembly of the pallet much less work than a lever bar.


How To Build A Smokehouse With Pallets Part 3 of 3 Photo by DIY Projects [Youtube]

You place the blade under each blade and cut it so that you have the 2 × 4 planks that lie between the blades.

Step 2: Cut off the clean ends on board and cut underneath

You want to make clean cuts on the ends of your pallet boards. You should not have to cut off too much from the ends.

buildHow To Build A Smokehouse With Pallets Part 3 of 3 Photo by DIY Projects [Youtube]

Once you’ve deconstructed your palettes, you’ll need to make your cuts. Start with clean cuts at the ends of all of your pallet boards. You should just have to remove something. We have chosen our 3 ‘design to compensate for this wood loss from your pallets.


Cut these out 2x4s

(Part 1) 2 upper struts front and rear @ 33 “
(Part 2) door frame 2 pieces @ 70 “
(Part 3) Door frame 2 pieces @ 29 “
(Part 4) wall frame front 2 pieces @ 6 ‘
(Part 5) wall frame back 2 pieces @ 5 ‘6 “
(Part 6) Rear frame 2 pieces @ 5’4 “1 × 1
(Part 7) shelf rack 8 pieces @ 33 “
(Part 8) shelf frame 8 pieces @ 32 ¾ “
(Part 9) and 8 pieces à 30 ½ “

Cut these out of pallet plates

(Part 10) Left side @ 36 ¼ “
(Part 11) right side @ 34 ½ “
(Part 12) Door @ 35 ¾ “
(Part 13) Back @ 35 ¾ “
(Part 14) Roof @ 38 “
(Part 15) Vent cover 2 pieces from 18 “to 24”
(Part 16) Lower Front Brace 1 Piece @ 36 “

Corrugated Iron Roof 4 “x 3”

Depending on the condition of your wood, you must pre-drill and countersink ALL screws to ensure that the wood does not crack. We strongly recommend doing this when using reused wood.

Step 3: Layout and safe frame left and side

You will make two side frames here that also have cross pieces that hold your racks. This handyman smoker uses a neat design – the racks make up the structure itself, and you can even easily adjust the frame heights in the design. The parts that hold the racks in place are the ribs that hold the frame in place. We marked at 24 “, 36”, 44 “back and 52” so we could place larger meat near the fire and smaller meat at a greater distance. You can even add hooks at the top for sausage if you have enough space to hang. The only important consideration is your fire box, which we put on 24 “.

NOTE: Make sure your fire box fits under the 24 “brace. Adjust your shelves as needed. These dimensions are not fixed and can be placed in any usable height, as long as you have enough space for your fire box.

Step 4. Assemble and secure

Take one (Part 4 – Front Wall Frame, 6 ‘) and (Part 5 – Rear Wall, 5’ 6 “) square the floors and attach 4 pieces (Part 7 – Shelf Support, 33”) at 24 “. , 36 “44” and 52 “If you attach parts 7 to part 5, leave a gap of 1 ½” for part 6. You will repeat the same steps for the second page, having the frame for the right and the left side of your smoker

Would you like to see all details about this homemade pallet smoker?

Watch it here on!

How to Build a DIY Smoker: Part Three

That’s it, homesteaders! Now you know how to build a self-made pallet smoker, and you can build it yourself at minimal cost! Become even more self-sufficient with a simple homemade smoker from pallets!

Will you build this homemade pallet smoker this weekend? Let us know in the comments below!

Editor’s note: This article was originally published on August 3, 2016 and has been updated in terms of quality and relevance.

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