Best vertical pellet smoker

Vertical smoker against horizontal pellet smoker grill – which you should buy if you are trying to decide between the two

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Thank you for your video. I was about to buy a Series 5 pit-pit smoker, then you made me stop and think. The Austin XL looks good, but it does not grill my 22 “Weber coal kettle and it does not smoke as well as a pit-boss smoker … I did not know anything about the Series 3 smoker when you said it was perfect for you and your wife you sold me, I go with the smaller Pit Boss series 3. Thank you for choosing Patrick … lol
For my last outdoor gear, it’ll be a 22-inch Weber kettle, my 36-inch Blackstone grill (that’s fun to cook with), and your recommendation of a Pit-Boss-3 smoker.
Again Ty.

Very cool, DOC Ohm! Thanks for watching and commenting. It means a lot to me! I think the Copperhead Series 3 is big enough for most, unless you’re feeding a small army. It sounds like you have a great outdoor area!

I have the vertical series 5 and agree with everything in the video. My biggest frustration is the position of the control panel directly under the food compartment. It is so easy that fat is put into it, even if only a chestpiece is sprayed. Ash collects as it has to be brushed forward to clean it. I like pushing the tray out to check my flesh, and all those drops have messed up my LCD screen. The glass door looks good, but after 5 hours of cooking, the glass is worthless and too hard to clean. Only a few things to note.

Great points, Mr. V. I wonder if the vertical control panels will be higher in the future, maybe on the side. Thanks for commenting!

Another very informative video!
You are right here with your explanations. I went to my local Lowes with the intention of buying a Pit Boss 1100 Pro series, but after careful consideration I bought the new vertical smoker of the Pit Boss Pro Series 4. I already have a gas grill and 2 Weber kettles, so that it only made sense to include a vertical smoker in the collection.
Enjoy the channel, keep it up!

He also sold me to a vertical smoker. Have you looked at the Blackstone grill plate? The woman surprised me at Christmas. I love it as it fills the gap between my Weber kettle and my vertical smoker I want to buy.

Great, Josh! Congratulations on your 4-series. Be sure to share your smoke adventures!

Pat, I could not decide, so I bought both Austin XL and CH3 models like you. Great video!

Great selection, Kelvin. These are different units with different strengths. Thanks for commenting!

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