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The best brand for a new smoker is the temporary, fading one that is left over by an open-handed blow across the face.

Do not start it looks cool, but believe me, it ends there. I smoked for 20 years, but stopped 23 years and 3 months ago.

It’s mean. It is unhealthy. It stinks. It stinks your car, your house, your clothes, your personal scent. Oh, you will enjoy it when you have overcome the initial I choke on this unnatural shit Stage. You will enjoy it for a long time. You will still enjoy it when the morning hacking begins. In fact, you’ll enjoy it so much that at some point it’s probably the first thing you’ll do in the morning – yawn, sit down, cough and hack and light a cigarette before your feet even fall to the floor.

They enjoy it with coffee and liquor and immediately after eating and sex. And a good fear … like a car almost nailed the butt in the crosswalk. A 10 second heart attack appeals The? you have You will enjoy it so that you smoke more every day. You will enjoy be a brand new heavy smoker. This is true. You will enjoy it for several years. You’ll even enjoy it for a while, after the morning hacking has become more frequent, the hourly “hmmp”HmmmJust to clear the little bundle of slime that’s always there.

You will enjoy it, even if you catch cold more often, not much, one or two additional colds per year. You will enjoy it, even when it starts to tell you when to smoke become Get up at 2:00 in the morning, when you get up, you can not sleep anymore and find that your backpack is empty You will. They continue to smoke when it’s no fun anymore at all to run. If you knows if you have smoker cough, shortness of breath and palpitations To attempt. You will. You will continue to smoke. Because it still gives you that tiny onslaught. Nothing like that blow It hit you when you first started smoking. Nope. The first high is the best high. Yes that’s right. High. They smoke 1-1 / 2 to 2 packs a day and still is not the same Do you know what that is?

That’s addiction. Nicotine is one of the most addictive and hard-to-kill drugs in the world. You are hooked by the sack. You will go out at all hours to get a cigarette. Trust me. You will itch in your tuxedo by a wedding, dear God in heaven I have to smoke! You will. And you continue to smoke, even though you know how much money you cost per year, how the habit rules you, and not you, the master of your hours. You will continue smoking Because of the 3-4 ciggies you smoke every day out of the 40 that you really enjoy. You do it if it’s only 3-4, and the rest are just hot, gritty, sharp attacks on your eyes and nose because they’re 3-4s fine.

your wife

But you will not enjoy seeing your best friend on a nice, crisp Wednesday afternoon in January, witnessing a heartbreaking scene. The oldest daughter of her friend, who is sitting on her knees on his chair, his head on his lap and sobbing like a soap opera, and you hear her lamentations: “Daddy, please go to the hospital “ As he sits in his chair, he moans, as since Sunday, on his left arm and chest and had severe arterial pain.

You will not enjoy it if she continues, “If something happens to you, who will take me down the hall?” You will not enjoy it if he answers goddamn stubbornly post Office, “No, baby, I’m fine, I can not go to the hospital, they need me at work.” best friends Children cry and beg at his feet.

You will not enjoy it if you flee his house in a strange state, and the first thing you do before you get in the car is bright. You will do it, but you will not like it. You will have too much uproar. You will hardly ever note it. You will not enjoy all those who smoke Thursday and Thursday evenings as you are constantly looking for your friend. You will be too worried. The friend who trained your kids while you trained him. The friend you used to do things over the weekend. The friend with whom you made football matches. The friend with the woman who was your wife’s best friend. The friends whose children were almost interchangeable with their own. This friend. You smoke, maybe more, because you do that when you’re nervous.

You will not be able to enjoy the cigarette you smoke on Friday morning when your wife calls you and tells you that your best friend has died in his office from a serious heart attack for many years.

your wife

You will not enjoy the cigarettes in the next three days when you are done and go home and go visitation or smoke after dinner after this the visitation if you tell your wife that you are done. After this pack is empty, nothing dramatic is done anymore, like throwing a $ 2.25 pack of Marlboro Lights after this pack-I’m done. You will not enjoy it, you may even fear it, but you laughs and says You will never stop. But you’ll find that it’s easier to fight a habit you no longer like, a habit you’ve shared with your friend. Both, who had identical lifestyles, had the same diet, a habit whose addictive component targets the heart and vascular system (the tar, the smoke itself is the cancer-maker; the nicotine is pounding your heart).

And you do not enjoy a single cigarette ever smoking in retrospect, even if you have heart problems 20 years after you stop.

your wife

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