Best Smoker Thermometer – Top 5 List for 2019

Temperature control is the key to good BBQ. When you smoke meat, you must control both the temperature of your smoker and the meat you are cooking. There are a plethora of products that can help you do your job. This article describes the five most important options that will help you select the most suitable smoker thermometer for your needs. We also discuss what you should consider before buying a thermometer for your smoker.


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Quick Overview – Best Smoker Thermometer Overview

  • In our first place is the TP20 Wireless Thermometer from ThermoPro. It has a dual probe design and offers amazing range and accuracy.
  • With the Tenergy Solis you can detect up to six probes simultaneously – that’s the best of every thermometer on our list!
  • If you only need a single long-range wireless thermometer, the ThermoPro TP07 is a good choice.
  • Weber’s iGrill 2 uses Bluetooth and a sophisticated app that lets you track your meat wirelessly. It can accommodate up to four probes.
  • If you are not constantly keen to monitor the temperature of your meat and / or smoker, you can use Mister Chefer’s simple digital thermometer to read your meat at any time.

What you should consider before choosing a thermometer for your smoker

Here are the three key points to consider before buying a smoking thermometer:

1. Number of probes

Testing capacity is the first thing you want to think about. If your smoker shows the inside temperature and you only need to monitor the temperature of a piece of meat, a single probe thermometer will work for you.

At the other end of the spectrum, there are people who need to keep an eye on the smoker’s chamber along with several cuts of meat. If you are not angry, there are four and even six probe models.

Personally, I find that the happy medium that works for me is two probes.

2. Remote / wireless area

If you want to watch the game and do not miss a game, make sure your thermometer has a reasonable range.

And if you do not mind the extra exercise, you can just use the simplest option in our list: an instant thermometer. You can not constantly monitor temperatures, but if you do not mind examining your meat every time you need a temperature, an instant thermometer can be of great use.

3. Warranty

Your thermometer may experience high temperatures and possibly harsh weather conditions from time to time. Therefore, it is important that you choose a thermometer that offers a good guarantee. The warranty of the thermometers on this list varies, but they have at least 1 year warranty. Keep in mind that some brands extend your warranty if you take the time to register your product. Take a look at the official warranty of your thermometer.


Individual reviews

Let’s start with our first choice, here are our reviews of the top five smoker thermometers:

1. ThermoPro TP20 verification

First on our list is the TP20 from ThermoPro, a wireless dual-probe thermometer. This digital thermometer consists of two main parts: the transmitter and the receiver. You put the two probes into the transmitter, which is located near your smoker. Then you can take the receiver to any location, provided that it is at a distance of 300 feet from the transmitter.

The TP20 is easy to use and ready to use. It is not necessary to synchronize receivers and transmitters or perform other confusing setup steps. Once the batteries are inserted, you can start immediately.

USDA recommended temperatures for various proteins are pre-programmed. And there are even USDA fragrance levels for different meats. So if you want to cook your beef medium, you have guaranteed it.


The TP20 can alert you to your meat being ready in two ways. You can set a traditional timer for a set time, or set an alarm that will be triggered when your meat reaches a certain temperature.

The receiver is splash-proof and comes with a stand and belt clip. The transmitter comes with a cable that can either be used as a stand or connected to your smoker. If you are having a good night’s sleep, you can read the receiver thanks to the backlit LCD display.

If you are surprised about the small piece of metal visible on the product photo, it is a probe holder that is trapped in grill grates (or oven rack). They push the probe through the holes so they can float in the air. This gives you an accurate indication of the ambient temperature.

The outstanding range, accurate readings, easy setup and dual probes of this ThermoPro model make it our best smoker thermometer.

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