Best Indoor Meat Smoker Buyer’s Guide And Reviews 2019

TLDR; There are three ways to cook food at home and get a smoky note: smoker bags (try the hickory of Cameron’s products), Grilling papers (try the cedar TrueFire) and stove smoker (the Nordicware is the most recommended) or small electric smokers (the best part is Easter).

You have three options when you look for smoked aromas while cooking in the house – for grilling papers, smoker bags or small kitchen smokers. We go through each of these products individually.

When looking at indoor smokers, be sure to buy the right product! It is strongly recommended not to use electric smokers in full size or even in the garage. There are a variety of reasons why – control is the biggest problem. When you open the door, smoke puffs up and if you do not like the idea that smoky meat scents permeate every single fiber in your home, this is not a good idea. Perhaps even more critical is the fact that dangerous gases can be released into your household and you can harm yourself or your loved ones. There is also the risk of fire.

What you can and can not do when you smoke foods indoors

The smoking of meat indoors is not quite the same as a smoker outdoors. You will be limited by the amount of food you can smoke and you will not get the same smoky flavor that will be given to your food.

However, as long as your expectations are in check, you will achieve good results if you use either a smoker for the indoor stove or an electric smoker for indoor smoking (just make sure it is designed for indoor use, most electric ones Smokers are for outdoor use only.).

Best indoor meat smoker (cooktop) – Nordic Ware cooktop smoker

Made in the USA, you support local businesses when shopping at Nordic Ware, but that’s not the only reason why we have awarded this product the best indoor meat smoker.

The smoker is extremely versatile, easy to use and reliable. Read the following to learn more:

  • Works on most hobs (gas, induction, ceramic, electric)
  • Large capacity – you may be able to install 9 pounds of pork shoulders
  • The thermometer helps to keep the cooking temperature constant
  • Made in the USA

A simple hack to get more items in (if you’re going to smoke two ribs of ribs or meat and vegetables) is picking these steamer shelves, Bend your legs lightly so they fit easily and let them in. They both fit together and you’ve doubled the area where you can smoke food.

The only downside is that some have reported that the exterior paint can become brittle after repeated use and flakes off easily.

Runner-up – Easter (Indoor Electric Smoker)

Update: The Easter is currently being sold at a reasonable discount to the EIA. The sale can end anytime – look here.

Boy, it was a close second for the best indoor meat smoker title. If you are more dependent on electrical products and do not want the gas hob to run, then this is definitely your product. Oster’s indoor electric smoker has a very large capacity (17.7 x 24 inches at a depth of 10 inches – enough to smoke a 20-pound turkey).

The main problem is that it is recommended to smoke in the open air, the Easter can give off a little smoke and if you have no kitchen hood under which you can cook, this can also trigger a fire alarm much ease

To give you an idea of ​​its popularity, people buy second products in case their original version fails and the product is discontinued.

Best reasonably priced indoor stove for smokers

A great entry-level low-cost indoor smoker is Camerson’s. The main advantages of this unit are the rugged design that lets you use it with just about any heat source – you can take it with you when camping, in the oven or even on glass ovens (read the manufacturer’s warning first as problems may arise). ,

The main drawbacks of this device are the size – it is a great meat smoker in the hall when you want to smoke thin items. The flat shell means you do not have a whole bird in there, unlike the previous options. But if you stick to chicken wings or salmon steaks, you can go well!

Stylish cooker – Donabe

Donabe are beautiful and traditional handmade Japanese smoker instruments. Thanks to their unique design, they can perfectly seal the smoke by forming a tight seal with the lid and then pouring water around the circumference to completely seal it.

The special inner glaze generates a far infrared radiation (FIR) when heated, resulting in perfectly smoked dishes in about 30 minutes.

Although it is a beautiful plant, Donabe is not unlimited as a meat smoker. They are not dishwasher safe and can only be used on gas hobs (Badluck with induction or electric stoves).

However, the unique design and charming aesthetics are enough to make a lot of people look beyond their inadequacies and use them to entertain guests when they smoke meat in the house. They usually cost over $ 200.

You can read more about Donabe at Food52.

Grill Papers – I know what you think … Am I serious?

Yes. Cedar seriously

The cedar papers are an easy and cheap option that makes them very popular. They are better for smoking chicken, fish or vegetables. They are best for cooking small portions, because no large pieces of meat or vegetables can be fit.

TrueFire are the most popular brands for cedar wraps during All-State Forest Products Completely round off the budget section.

How do barbecue papers work?

You must soak the papers in water for about 3 to 4 hours before wrapping your food in them and tying them with the included twine. Then put on the grill and cook according to the instructions. If you are cheap enough, the papers can also be reused a second time. Make sure you soak them in water again before using them again.

So how are you?

With them is generally a good success and with salmon an excellent success. The cedar wrap gives a fine and very complementary taste. They are most commonly used in salmon.

The biggest limitation is that grill papers are usually offered only in cedar flavor. We could not find any others (please let us know in the comments so we can examine them). Another problem is the tendency of the cedar paper to break when tied to the string or when serving.

Cedar boards are a great alternative when cooking in large quantities

If you plan to produce a lot of cedar salmon, there is a cheaper and better option. Cedar boards are simple and easy to use, you put the salmon on the board and put it on the grill or in the oven.

With a size of 11 inches x 5.5 inches you can put several salmon pieces on the one plank and still get the same delicious smoky cedar flavor. You can also prepare big salmon fillets at once, which you definitely can not do with the cedar wrappers.

When using cedar planks it is ALWAYS important to cook with indirect heat. The number of complaints and people who have exposed the boards to direct heat and then complained because the boards are burned is amazing. It is wood, if it is over a direct flame, it burns.

What are the best smoking bags?

There are really only two manufacturers of smoker bags that you would like to consider when buying a smoker’s bag. These are Good cooking and Cameron’s products.

Each of them offers a number of tastes like hickory, Mesquite and alder.

How do smoking bags work?

They are extremely simple and work with a variety of heat sources, whether oven, grill or campfire. The sacks are preloaded with woodchip flavor. You load the bag of fish, meat, chicken or vegetables, whatever you may, add your extra spices and fold the bag’s opening three or four times until a sufficiently dense seal is present. Put the bag in the oven and let it boil for the recommended times before removing and cutting it. You now have this delicious smoky taste without the hassle of tidying up – you just throw the bag away.


So how are you?

It may surprise you that smoker bags get rave reviews. Many former skeptics have become enthusiasts who claim that the result far exceeds expectations. If it’s too cold outside to set the traditional wood carving on fire, these are a practical substitute.

Smoker bags are a great option if you rarely smoke or enjoy cooking. Otherwise, their costs will plummet.
At the beginning we recommend to try the hickory smoking bags.

Do you want to save your money? How to build your own indoor smoker cheap

Do not you have the money for one of the above options? We have you. Read on to find out how to build a cheap indoor smoker.


Things you will need:

  • A deep casserole dish or a tray
  • A shelf that fits in the casserole dish
  • Smoking chips
  • aluminum foil

Put a generous portion of smoked chips on the bottom of the tray or bowl and place the rack over the chips. Put your meat or vegetables of your choice on the rack and cover it with the aluminum foil (if you have something with a tight-fitting lid, this is also a good option).

There are no general cooking directions as the times and temperatures vary depending on the size of your food and the size of your food. You need to use a little intuition and constantly check that the dish is not crunchy. For a bit more information Look at that.

Curtis Stone shows you how it’s done.

Sum up…

The best options for smokers indoors are:

  • Nordicware stove for smoker
  • Easter electric smoker
  • Camersons cook smoker
  • Japanese donabe smoker
  • Grill papers
  • Smoking bags

Thank you for reading the purchasing guide and reviews of the best indoor smoker for meat and vegetables. Share your thoughts in the comments below

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