I can remember far back in the days how my grandma used to manually play with the needle and thread she had previously bought at a nearby shop.

Hours would be spent in complete silence, with me carefully observing a magician at work.

It was magic to me to say the least, watching how with just a bit of fabric and a few strike with the needle, one could become a creator.

It took some time, I grant you that but that is because my grandma was constrained with the realities of her time.

Her financial status just never allowed her to pursue a sewing machine, which was very expensive in the past.

As she swung her needle time and time again, her firm posture indicating her dedication to the craft, the thread carefully lining up to a perfect spot.

That would just go on and on and on…

I was always fascinated by the entire process, how something that is without farm building, one could turn into virtually whatever, becoming a more independent and revered human being.

From sweatpants to sweatshirts, from area rugs to slippers, the options had been limitless.

This is what really invigorated me, the freedom and imagination to do what I want and just how I want it.

My name is May well and I have been sewing items ever since I was eleven years of age.

Our blog has been created with merely one purpose in mind:

To bring the truth and nothing but the have confidence when it came to materials, machines and the other appliances employed in the entire process.

Ever since I actually first got my regular sewing machine, I realized that completely its good sides and bad sides.

Later on internet site had the pleasure to try some of the other models that have been prominent on the market, I noticed that just like humans- Sewing equipment all had different sorts of flavors and personalities to them.

That meant merely one thing: As their personalities differed so greatly, so performed their relationships with the supplies being used.

Some liked more challenging materials and thrived with them while others would disappoint for the reason that sphere.

Quite coincidentally, the reverse would be the truth in case the material were changed.

That made me realize that no one regular sewing machine was perfect and this there was balance in all items.

I immediately knew what had to be done: Write my own experiences down for other enthusiasts to enjoy, so that they too have an idea what is awaiting them in their journey!

It hasn’t always been easy and sometimes I felt myself struggling but I didn’t falter as I knew that the number of people this website would benefit far outweighs any sort of pain I had felt at that moment.

I powered through and am now proud to announce that this website is one of my proudest achievements on this little blue planet of ours.

I hope that you too can reap from the vast pot of knowledge this website has become and I wish you a great stay on our website!